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You Hump My Leg And I’ll Hump Yours

You Monsters Are People did an interview with Australian novelist and actor Thompson Waite. We discussed writing, teenage rebellion, family history, try-hards, failed parents, fake experts, and how to build a marginally successful website! If you need to improve your awful blog or … Continue reading

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They Can Put A Man On The Moon

Americans used to be able to complain about something by saying “they can put a man on the moon….” Well they can put a man on the moon but now they can’t even do that anymore.

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Loosely Based On A True Story

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Popular Culture As Religion: Please Kill Your God

A few years after the twentieth century ended the world became terrible. The economy shit the bed, everyone lost their jobs, the government started to become evil, and all educational programing was systematically replaced by “reality” television. It was as … Continue reading

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Please Help Feed Hungry Vampires

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Prison: Not Just for Criminals

There are still thousands of people in Colorado and Washington state prisons as a result of criminal possession or sale of marijuana– which has been legal for the last year. These states have already amassed several million in tax revenue … Continue reading

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Human Cheese: Not for the Common Man

After a brief surge in popularity a few years ago, cheese made from human milk sort of vanished from existence. While marginally curious, I assumed that I would never encounter it in my lifetime. I must have read a dozen … Continue reading

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The Modern Chicken: A Theropod At Heart

Tyrannosaurus rex is more closely related to a chicken than it is to an alligator. Think about that the next time you’re at a farm and you see twenty potential man eaters pecking away at food scraps. These little omnivores … Continue reading

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Defeat Those Wintertime Blues: Things to Try If You’re Not a Huge Baby

Based on the expressions on ugly people’s faces that I’ve been passing in the street, the winter doldrums are still going strong. However, the temperatures are about to rise everywhere and the sun has been seen hanging out in the … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Cards For Everybody Else

This morning the cyberverse was awash with Valentine’s Day themed images and I couldn’t help but notice that several demographics weren’t being represented in the slightest. The Hallmark Holiday seems to primarily celebrate a very middle of the road sort … Continue reading

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