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  1. grieflessons says:

    Hi! I have nominated you for a WordPress Very Impressive Blog Award. If you are not interested in participating, that is fine—but perhaps you’ll get a few extra well-deserved readers just from the nomination as I posted your url on my WordPress site! Go here for an explanation:

    I enjoy reading your blog! Judy

  2. zainash says:

    I love your comics!

  3. smada54 says:

    Wow, any time I need a laugh or somewhere to be hilariously serious, I’m coming here. You are amazing with your sense of humor about real-life. Keeping it light, but F U N N Y! Thank you for sharing your time and wit!

  4. Thank you for your insightful comics! I wish more people could watch less reality TV and follow blogs like yours. Your use of humor, yet to the point. You creatively highlight the most challenging issues of OUR TIME.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You’re blog is simply amazing and funny. I aspire to be like you with my blog. May take like a lot of work though because you’re pretty fridgen awesome.

  6. somedude22 says:

    I really like your post “Getting Old: The side effect of aging”. I wasn’t able to comment on it directly for some reason. In particular, the first comic was hilarious. It is something I could imagine a really creepy old guy saying. The email itself is funny… “”. The part where you said “until your breath smells like mine was funny too. I just like your style of humour. Thanks for the laughs.

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