One headstrong and curious woman’s ingress into what very well might be a romantic faux pas.

A nightmarish invitation to the art fair where I premiered the print version of You Monsters Are People and the collective works of VOSKY.

This was a not so subtle commentary on mainstream stand-up comedy.

This was the first short film I shot, edited and wrote myself while at school.  I really did love that cat, albeit a bit less than the character of the film.  I’ll likely remaster the footage and upload a higher quality version sometime soon.

Our incredible film, Stairclimbing, is a story about a two men driven by their obsession to win and inability to function within normal society. This is an hour of pure magic and our first big project.

Experimental comedy to be sure.  We read from an old dictionary and had an afternoon free.  We decided upon an aesthetic and ran with it.

A side project for a college based television program we worked for.  It never aired so we released it ourselves and showed it at a few local coffee houses.  It features my favorite cat in the world.

Another very early one about friendship and suicide.  It’s darker, slower and more experimental than I remember. It still has one of the best endings I’ve ever written though.

The extended version of an interview with television’s The Ghost Hunters for college based television.  We convinced them to do a short pre-show interview with us and wrote up all of the questions the night before.  However, at about the six-minute mark, we showed them a video we made that offered “supernatural activity.”  This copy doesn’t have the best audio but is the only copy I have.

A fake television show we came up with for college television. I totally would have watched Rick Thunder if it were real.

Imagination was the impressively strange result of some ideas I jotted down combined with a free afternoon with like-minded friends and an old camcorder. I think it’s about boredom or sexuality or something.

A rap song I threw together one morning to wake up my friend William.  This is the the same William from TV with Will.

The Some Good Advice series is some of my earliest stuff, none of it was ever shown anywhere… it is simply too dark and too strange for most people to enjoy.

Pseudoscience was the result of a free form audio exercise that we later set to video footage we recorded afterward.

This was our first work as the collective SONS of DADS from way back when. It’s about a student’s love and Secret Desire.

A couple of old SONS of DADS promos.

A promotional short for a mini-documentary I did about looking back on love.

Old footage of me recut to tell the story of my childhood.  I’m not sure if it gives any real insight into me as an adult though.

4 Responses to Video

  1. littlecurio says:

    Mittens, nooooooo!!! (cue spaghettio entrails)
    Love it…

  2. kristinawebb says:

    Oh my God, that Ghost Hunters interview has me in tears. That’s amazing. Probably better than anything a lot of people do when they’re in college.

  3. I LOVE your jumper in your stand up comedy video!

    (Not to say that I’m paying more attention to the jumper than the comedy…)

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