Inspirational Inspiration On Perseverance


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23 Responses to Inspirational Inspiration On Perseverance

  1. vitamanman8 says:

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    Fair question.

  2. I am going to say they know but could do with some help building!

  3. Bloodstained Hipbones says:

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  4. prenin says:

    What the caterpillar calls death, the enlightened call a butterfly! :)

    God Bless!!! :)


  5. Glynis says:

    I can’t even express how much I love this.

  6. A.M.P. says:

    This feels like tickles and hugs at the same time. I intend to stash this in my midbrain as a valuable point of reference. It will be just the thing I need to regain footing and confidently power through the bog next time I stumble into that god awful not-knowing-wtf-I’m-doing state of panic. Thanks for the lifesaver.

  7. Really enjoyed reading this.. hilarious and with just the right amount of realism to scare. =]

  8. jake kale says:

    Imagine how disappointed the caterpillars that turn into moths must be.

    “I could’ve been a Red Admiral!”

  9. uswa23 says:

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    Am I a caterpillar?

  10. donwoodins says:

    I guess we are all caterpillars in retrospect then. Not knowing what we want to do with are lives but more often than not turn out alright and sometimes even beautiful. I love this drawing :) You have an interesting take on the world and I respect and appreciate it. Have a lovely day :)

  11. soyarenal says:

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