The Greatest Used Book in History Continued: September 1988

This is the ninth installment of the infamous diary within a used book that I procured from a clearance event for “junk books.”  For those of you new to this strange saga, the journal is the story of an especially peculiar woman living in 1988 who is a little over-amorous about cats and under ambitious about everything else.  While I have remained conflicted about exposing further entries of the journal, everybody always demands to know what is next.  If you would like to enjoy her tale from the very beginning (something I highly recommend) or just want to catch up on some of the earlier entries, go to The Cat Lover’s Diary.


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21 Responses to The Greatest Used Book in History Continued: September 1988

  1. Lis says:

    Oh my. I’m not sure I want to read the rest of the diary, LOL…Okay, yes. Yes, I do. No…um…oh what the hell. I just feel like I know where this is heading, and I’m not sure my cats and I can handle it. ;)

  2. Aja says:

    Oh my gosh this thing is hilarious! This person needs so serious help.

  3. pattisj says:

    It is said everyone has a book in them. I guess this was hers. :)

  4. “Spoiled-food soup” sounds, delightful?

  5. cfbookchick says:

    I am wondering how one quiets UP meows?

  6. Tattoos, love and lunacy... says:

    Ah thank goodness, I needed something to cheer me up.

  7. Spectra says:

    Always enjoy the Cat Diarys. I see a Bravo series in this. The maraschino cherry/triscuit stew should be featured on the Food Network. Soon. This woman needed directions to a good foodbank.

  8. drawandshoot says:

    I think it’s the little illustration additions and written asides I enjoy the most. So telling about a person, adding depth to their personality. Like reading between the lines…

    Truth be told she makes me a little uncomfortable.

  9. I’m also not convinced that computers are the future. It’s all just hype.

    So glad to have Cat Diary back, Posky! As usual, it’s made my day. :)

  10. TikkTok says:

    ♥ it! I’ve been waiting with bated breath (passed out a few times, but my cats didn’t eat me, so it’s all good). Savoring her words…………..

  11. asoulwalker says:

    I still can’t believe how… I still just can’t believe it. I feel so very many different things… but I’m just about speechless…

  12. Max says:

    Please get help.

    Also, that maine coon is beautiful.

  13. amanda says:

    I am sooooo very glad you posted another one! Lets not wait so long for the next one mmmk?


  14. Eve Redwater says:

    She made soup out of spoiled food? Wow. Just wow.

  15. David says:

    Autumn 1988 approaches. What will happen to the cat girl? Will she learn about computers? Will she learn to make use of dried bile and her 4-hole punch? Will she invite her neighbors over for ethnic food party?

    Impossible to say! This chick was so whack it’s anybody’s guess! Thanks for this installment. I for one am pretty close to satisfied, though I really wonder what she’ll be doing for Thanksgiving and xmas. It’s like an addiction now …

  16. seaofcarnage says:

    I love the part about who wants to hear about her stupid dogs, she has no boyfriend. Wow pull the plank out of one’s own eye before taking the splinter out of a brother’s. The spoiled food soup made me rather ill. I think this woman was definitely the first recorded hoarder ever!

  17. Why oh how did I miss this one? Fantastic!

  18. NecroKitten says:

    I can only one day hope that my diaries end up in a strange spot and that someone scans them and does this exact thing. Oh the wonders and delights. Haha.

  19. k hanna says:

    by accident i stumbled upon this diary and read the whole thing in one night. i must say there were times where i really howled with laughter. this really should be a mini-series!! better than bridget jones by a mile.

    i feel some of the comments on here are insensitive. i know it is a good laugh, but it sounds like she is genuinely a good person and is finding her own way. never in a million years would she have thought that there would be strangers reading this and mocking her. she may be a bit whacked but she has a heart of gold.

    i look forward to the next installment. i have forwarded this link to all my friends as i have read nothing so funny in a long time. especially, the bit about mr. t cereal – bring it back!!

  20. youcansteer says:

    Oh my goodness. I too happened to find this by accident and I just read the entire thing and shared it with all my friends. I literaly sat at my desk on my lunch break crying from laughter. It does have an almost Bridget Jones quality to it. When can we expect more of her story? I am fascinated, truly. I may not agree with some of her decisions or views, but she’s got spunk and you’ve got to admire that!

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