Modern Fetishism: Weird is the New Normal

When it comes to romance, there aren’t a whole lot of rules. Most people are completely satisfied with the old standard of hugs, kisses and occasional pats on the rump. But, sometimes, you need to spice up the stew if you’re going to be having it every night. It’s healthy to explore but, once in a while, a body can get hung up on a single element. When an act, item or body part becomes abnormally sexually powerful to someone, it’s called a fetish. With fetishes it’s a pretty slippery slope. It’s perfectly fine to have one but, as with any obsession, it can become unhealthy pretty quickly if left unchecked. I would argue that it’s somewhat akin to a mental illness, but marginally more erotic.

The bottom line is that not everyone is going to appreciate or even agree on what is considered sexual by others. So, by advertising their obsessive interests, a person risks coming across as a bit of a monster. Quentin Tarantino’s foot fetish has been well documented in both his life and his films. Literally every movie he has ever made includes, at least, one scene where feet are featured or discussed at length. In a way it’s sort of interesting how much of himself goes into his work. But in another more important way, it’s genuinely upsetting.

This is a man who wrote a scene into a script just so he could put Salma Hayek’s foot directly into his own mouth. Again, would I want to have her foot in my mouth? Yes. Would I go out of my way to abuse my power to ensure that happened? No. That would make me the absolute saddest sort of pervert. That is the sort of shady dealings best reserved for a villain just pathetic enough to pity. A real gentleman asks for the foot and then accepts whatever the lady’s decision is.

Sometimes people like feet and I can, more or less, get on board with that. Like most parts of the human anatomy, feet vary in attractiveness. It probably isn’t terribly abnormal to find some people’s feet sexy. However it’s when you find all people’s feet extra sexy that things change forever. That’s when you have to ask yourself who is in control. Is it you, or is it the feet? But it’s not just feet we have to worry about; it’s everything everywhere all of the time. Apparently you can have a fetish for just about anything. Some fetishes come way out of left field and are ridiculously popular. There are enough people who have a sexual fetish for balloons that they have nicknamed themselves the “loners.” The mere fact that the concept of adult-babies can even be considered sexual by anyone shows how limitless fetishes are.

Physiologists claim that there is a direct link between phobia and fetishism. While this would finally explain my light clown fetish, it doesn’t explain things like the people who like to have sex with birds (avisodomy). I was unaware that this was even an option until recently. Then again, perhaps I’m not giving birds enough credit on just how scary or sexy they can be. I suppose this fear based arousal makes its debut in bondage, choking and the unbelievably nightmarish nosolagnia— but it kind of makes our entire species seem sort of awful. We are even fetishizing normal things at this point. I’m pretty sure the concept of MILFs didn’t even exist until the 1990s. Up until that point they were just known as attractive women above the age of 35, but now the internet has made them a specialty item for no apparent reason. We’ve abstracted sex to this weird level where nothing is normal anymore. It’s no wonder that we need to see shoeless adults dressed up as babies getting tied up to get off anymore. The internet is like a sex buffet trying to fatten us up. Eventually, you’ve tried everything and the once delicious mac n’ cheese is suddenly bland. You know that the buffet oysters are probably going to make you really sick, but they are free and moist.

I know it’s not all about embracing shame and disgusting acts in drastically intimate ways. But it’s almost as strange to think about people having parties where one person pops a balloon by sitting on it while four other people’s eyes roll back into their heads as they drift off into ecstasy. The whole thing is just a sliding scale of weirdness that we all fall somewhere within. That doesn’t mean we’re going to reach some sort of greater acceptance of each other, but it’s nice to know that we are all playing on the same slime-covered field.

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35 Responses to Modern Fetishism: Weird is the New Normal

  1. merbear264 says:

    OMG..I’m a MILF

  2. I love your inquiring mind, Matt. There is your wisdom, wonderment and weird right there. My fear is looking into this stuff too deeply – like nosolagnia. I actually clicked out of that one before finding out what it is. I think it is because I prefer not to know but I have just about the level of curiosity to read your thoughts on fetishism and overcome the older lady reluctance.

    • Posky says:

      It’s a pretty dark but I think it’s worth taking a look at these things or (minimally) acknowledge that they exist.

      • Yes, you are right, there is no positive about sticking one’s head i n the sand. I was thinking about good vs evil (again) and realize that however we came to be we came with both our light side and our dark side and that being fully human means we have the ability to be both good and bad.

  3. The mainstreaming of fetishism is so bizarre. Yet it’s still not difficult to offend people. Go figure.

    • Posky says:

      That’s probably worth examining closer. We have easy access to every perverse and strange thing imaginable but we’re always getting so upset over the mundane.

  4. Just learned a new word, I had to google it………kind of wish I hadn´t bothered. Great writing though xxx

  5. amputee porn. two guys one stump. people just want to make money. its a train wreck, and no one is looking away…

  6. prenin says:

    Seriously weird my friend – and very true unfortunately! :(

    Us ‘Normal’ guys seem to be in a minority these days… :(

    God Bless!


    • miss ashley says:

      It is really honestly disheartening to come up across all of the strange fetishes people have. I think the worst part is the reality that a majority of the fetishes dehumanize other people. We build sexual fantasies on the things we would have originally used to shame another person. It is mortifying the rate of desensitization that is birthed from this.

      I still hail normal guys and want one, if that inspires hope.

  7. Carrie Rubin says:

    I figure as long as they’re not hurting anyone, they can get their kicks any way they please. Just so I don’t have to witness it. Adult babies. Odd, very odd…

  8. UndercoverL says:

    OMG. Shocked. So glad my marriage is boring. Getting it every day seems potentially dangerous.

  9. ruleofstupid says:

    I do things… terrible things… with bamboo. Don’t judge me. Even Jesus said it was cool. ~)

  10. drawandshoot says:

    I’m afraid to click on your links there, Posky…

  11. I was too scared to look up the definition of “nosolagnia” so I am sticking to my imagined definition, “having sex with a lasagna.”

    • Posky says:

      There isn’t a lot on it but it is marginally worse than lasagna. Stay tuned for my first podcast for more on the food stuff though.

  12. That was fun to read. Thanks.

  13. I was once asked by a man to pleasure him with my foot. A somewhat strange experience. And I thought my toes were only good for picking up just-out-of-reach pens.

  14. miss ashley says:

    This was shockingly insightful and a satisfactory read. Thank you.

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