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Found Some Old Jokes

Found a couple of really old jokes from back before I had a website. Might one of these be the world’s first meme?

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Doomsday For America: You May Have Missed It

A cell phone sounds off at eight-thirty to notify Donald Trump that his helicopter has arrived atop his building. The man himself slowly shuffles around the three story penthouse apartment, decorated primarily in gold and marble, while habitually clearing his … Continue reading

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Wow! These Nine Beautiful Babies Have Aged Horribly.

A lot of pressure comes along with being a truly adorable baby, and most babies are known to hold onto the youthful good looks that defines them for as long as they can manage. Unfortunately, father time cannot be stopped and is … Continue reading

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Interview With A Digital Bum

Somewhere in a room there is a svelte man with curly hair illuminated by the glow of a computer monitor as he sifts through endless social media postings and curates his crowd-funding pages. Previously a webmaster that spammed chatrooms for … Continue reading

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The Hiatus Has Ended

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YouTube Banned Something I Liked

The humorless democratization of entertainment and politically correct jerk-off festival that the internet has become is really bumming me out. Last week the contentious comedy troupe, Million Dollar Extreme, was banned from YouTube. The channel initially went down on July 16th and has … Continue reading

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Surviving in Modern America And Beyond

Anti-intellectualism is at an all time high in the United States of America. We currently have a large portion of the population angry about the waning standard of living that remain absolutely convinced that raising people’s wages will somehow destroy our … Continue reading

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You Hump My Leg And I’ll Hump Yours

You Monsters Are People did an interview with Australian novelist and actor Thompson Waite. We discussed writing, teenage rebellion, family history, try-hards, failed parents, fake experts, and how to build a marginally successful website! If you need to improve your awful blog or … Continue reading

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Please Help Feed Hungry Vampires

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Avian Action Almost Spoiled My Sunday Morning

As an adult your opportunities to participate in sleepovers diminish slowly over time. I am not sure if it has something to do with an unwillingness to sleep anywhere other than your own bed or if other people just don’t … Continue reading

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