The You Monsters Are People Audio Experience: What Women Don’t Want

In the fourth episode, Mary Heussner stops by to give me some of the most insane advice about women that I have ever heard. We struggle to maintain a sense professionalism in the sweltering heat before giving up entirely. I also comment on who shouldn’t be wearing fedoras this summer. Here’s a hint: it’s everyone.

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19 Responses to The You Monsters Are People Audio Experience: What Women Don’t Want

  1. lizbethmarie says:

    I have so many issues with this woman’s advice. Honestly, I don’t know how you maintained the amount of professionalism that you did. I actually think she needs to see a therapist. Fantastic song choice at the end!

  2. And I thought it was going to be just another dull commute home. This is hilarious. I can’t tell if she’s real or if we’re being punked. Thank you very, very much for this. Can you have her on again? Please?

  3. jaronnewyork says:

    This was cool, I like your issues with her book. expect for the sex part, I’ve never gotten sex after asking for it.

  4. redhead157 says:

    Love Your blog great advice! Loved it.(:

  5. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! Is that for real? God, how did you manage to be even civil for more than five minutes? Fuck I want to send her to another dimension, one where there’s only women! She wouldn’t survive a day. Fucktard.

    But this whole thing is a joke, right? Yep, it is.

  6. What’s the name of this book and woman again? I’ve got to google it to see if she’s for real. She’s not, right? Please, this makes me feel crazy. Tell me this isn’t real!!

  7. Soul Walker says:

    I loved how awkward the whole thing felt. This is almost as good as the Cat Diary

  8. drawandshoot says:

    An audio experience for sure…
    Are you familiar with Jonathan Goldstein?

  9. renmotigo says:

    I have searched on Amazon, Google, and WorldCat, and can’t find either the book or the author, so I must, gratefully, conclude that this is a joke. Please tell me it’s a joke, right?

    I agree with Soul Walker though–I loved how awkward it all was.

  10. CJ Vali says:

    Oh man, this is hilarious. At least some women “like” douchebags.

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