Facing the Early Bird

After years of diligent work improving the quality of soil and reproducing hermaphroditically, the worm realized that this was all that there was. This was all that there would ever be. There would be no great reward and this new awareness plagued his thoughts daily. Perpetually preoccupied, his digging slowed and he lost interest in reproduction until he finally stopped doing anything. Then early on a Monday morning…

TheLittleGuys_0001 TheLittleGuys_0002And, in his choice to face the early bird, he was finally more than the role that was thrust upon him by society. There would be no more digging and no more hermaphroditic reproduction. He had chosen freedom and, although briefly, he had seen the sun in the process.

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25 Responses to Facing the Early Bird

  1. There’s always a price to pay for experiencing joy. Always. Cosmic retribution is what prevents me from having numerous affairs. It’s often misinterpreted as moral excellence.

    “Yes…Yes…*” But what does * mean? Footnote to an afterlife?

  2. I think “Allegory of the Cave” was originally about a worm, but then Plato chickened out and went with a human protagonist.

  3. Soul Walker says:

    This is strangely moving and beautiful… something about my reaction to it is very unexpected. Normally I would chuckle darkly and go about my day, but…

  4. kokkieh says:

    I’ll never be able to think the same way of that idiom again.

  5. Anna says:

    This has strangely encapsulated my entire mood.
    I think I need to go take some toast straight to the vein and calm down slightly.

  6. syntaxsinner says:

    That’s the kinkiest bloody splatter snuff in a post ever! I never wrote about the polyandrous queen-cult ants I’d torment. Bravidido a ti!

  7. ED says:

    Changed my mood of outside from now on…
    Ellie from http://howtodoprettymucheverything.wordpress.com/

  8. dasbeard2013 says:

    Great cartoon, but I’m glad the worm died in the end. I just don’t like worms.

  9. I kind of feel like the worm. I’m just not hermaphrodite enough. Damn.

  10. qmeer says:

    And so after dismembering the worm, the bird decided not to eat it.
    Didn’t someone tell her that breakfast was the most important meal of the day? Or was she just trying to be spiteful and ironic?

  11. I like how the worm takes control, whose the bird in the scenario though?

  12. zockerinfo says:

    very strange, funny and cruel…… never seen cartoons like this but in its way they are somehow fascinating

  13. K.Anthony says:

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the reality of life. Every good thing can have a negative counterpart. Just like Newton’s third law of action. Sad it may seem, but at least the worm saw beauty of light.

  14. I felt very odd for tearing up at this but then I read the rest of your comments and realized that everyone else did too.
    Amazing illustration.

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