International Women’s Day Was Yesterday

Yesterday was International Women’s Day so, if you are an abusive husband, hopefully you took it easy on old gal… unless hitting them is actually more equal. Not sure. Equal pay and maternity stuff seem like no brainers but things like who buys the dinner, doesn’t have to go into combat zones, or has extra safety nets to keep then from becoming homeless are much harder to suss out. There is also a buffet of sex crime issues, domestic abuse, and a lot of weird laws governing the vagina. But we usually end up just talking about how often white women aren’t important enough in video games. That always seems to trump everything else for some reason. Anyway I hope you had an okay Women’s Day, women. Sorry nobody seems to be able to get their shit together about what is going on with you.


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8 Responses to International Women’s Day Was Yesterday

  1. Daleen says:

    Refreshing! I had no idea it was Women’s Day – that is how equally I am being treated. If somebody had to say ‘Happy Women’s Day!’ to me, I would probably have gotten upset and asked them why they think I needed a whole day to empower my gender. Don’t they know we can multi-task? Yes, I suspect I am in fact, wasting my life :)

  2. prenin says:

    Very true my friend! :)


    God Bless! :)


  3. A NEW YORK MINUTE says:

    Men adore women. Our mothers taught us to. Women do not adore men. Women are amused by men. We are a source of chuckles. At best. To women, men are like blenders. You need one, but you’re not quite sure why. So, which gender is better equipped for life?

    • fnbeveridge says:

      Be careful of generalizations, sir. I would say that some men certainly adore women, just as some women adore men. I think that either way, even addressing the dislike/loathing of either sex, it comes down to environment, experience, and our own reflections on how we’ve interacted with each other. I find it unfortunate that your experience with women has left you feeling like the perpetual butt of a joke, but continue to adore women and you will find one to take you seriously.

  4. dommehouse says:

    I celebrated Women’s Day by (consensually) beating a man down. It was fun. Everyone felt empowered.

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