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International Women’s Day Was Yesterday

Yesterday was International Women’s Day so, if you are an abusive husband, hopefully you took it easy on old gal… unless hitting them is actually more equal. Not sure. Equal pay and maternity stuff seem like no brainers but things like … Continue reading

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Falsus Corpus: Thoughts About Women’s Stupid Bodies

In prehistoric times the thing that made a woman the most desirable to the rest of her pack was having both arms. Things like sharp teeth and having no diseases were just perks back then. If you were some archaic … Continue reading

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Heartache in the Absence of Love and then, Eventually, the Other.

My first girlfriend was a lot like my first job; not particularly enjoyable and only obtained because of peer pressure and convenience. They also both sort of had a weird bleach smell. It probably doesn’t come as much of a … Continue reading

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Unpretentious Devotion: Romantic Advice from Dogs

If you lay down in the prone position before establishing a dominant relationship with a dog, there is a good chance that he’s going to hump you regardless of your preference on the matter.  Dogs do not overanalyze relationships.  In … Continue reading

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Romance: Epochs and Expiry

You might want to gaze back at some of my earlier writings and comics when you get the chance since they all seem at least vaguely related.  The following is an addendum to my previous post on romance, love, relationships, … Continue reading

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