High Winds and Low Enthusiasm

Now that everyone has probably made up their mind on who they are voting for, I’m going to get so political. Have some propaganda.

If you want to see the drawing in gruesome color, that’s an option available to you. Hurricane Sandy  is starting to really bust a move around here. If the power goes out and everything floods, I’m going to convert my motorcycle into a skiff and go on raids all week. I’ll probably make plenty of time to write and draw before I go completely feral though.

It’s party time.

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14 Responses to High Winds and Low Enthusiasm

  1. calahan says:

    Hope you ride out the storm without any problems. Stay safe.

  2. prenin says:

    Keep your place duct taped to the ground my friend! :)

    Cape Hatteras is taking a beating and two of my friends are riding it out, so prayers for all of you!

    God Bless!


  3. We watch your fun and excitement from the Sonoran desert where we have suffered temperatures in the 80’s and really persistent annoying sunshine. In any case, test the water depth first before diving in.

  4. avamaura says:

    Every day is National Cat Day. They’re attention loving whores.
    As with hurricanes named after women. Bitches be trippin’.

  5. Soul Walker says:

    Here’s me drinking to you weathering the storm. Cheers.

  6. elijahkindig says:

    Can you make room for a side car? I’ve always wanted to assemble a group of marauding bandits, the conditions just never seemed right. I think Susie has created the perfect recipe for chaos!

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