After the Hurricane Everyone Was a Better Person (For Two Days)

I couldn’t help but notice how happy everyone in New York was after the hurricane was over. Despite the massive scale of the destruction, people seemed genuinely enthralled just to have made it through and see that others had done the same. Likewise, the level of cooperation and community achieved this week was absolutely astonishing. It is sort of a twisted shame that it required a storm that completely obliterated several neighborhoods, kept everyone from their jobs, closed schools, killed dozens of people and flooded our entire subway system to achieve a better way to treat each other.

Of course, I suppose we all have to get back to reality eventually.

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28 Responses to After the Hurricane Everyone Was a Better Person (For Two Days)

  1. I agree! Great post, Matt!

  2. New York is an amazing city and I have often wanted to live there but I am not sophisticated enough, tough enough and the rats are always there. Thanks for posting this, Matt.

    • Posky says:

      That’s a misnomer. The average New Yorker isn’t any more sophisticated than anyone else. It’s a big place with all sorts of people. There can be literally any combination of poor and rich, ignorant and intelligent.

      And the rats really aren’t a problem. You only ever see them underground and still pretty rarely. I think they’re cute as hell and am always on the lookout.

      • Posky, we have pack rats here in the desert – they are cute as hell, too. But not so cute when you have to pay $600 to get the car re-wired or the irrigation lines or replace all your plants which have been a nice buffet for them. Their urine hardens into a varnish which can last hundreds of years. I have some on my porch right now.

      • Posky says:

        They still sort of sound cute but now also totally dangerous. It’s like every teenage girl’s dream.

      • Now how did you know that? Yes, cute and dangerous were in the picture – some of them were rats. Looking forward to more on your blog. Hope you are working on it.

  3. Byron says:

    Judy, I’m willing to bet you’re really awesome and you can make it anywhere. New York is a place with (a lot) of people, and the number of amazing people there would probably change your mind. That being said, it’s shame that it takes a disaster to make people come together, but then again, that’s nothing especially new about human nature – – either we tear each other apart or come together and help each other through.

  4. Well at least there are a few days where you won’t get flipped off for crossing the street. Or just breathing :)

  5. The Ziggurat says:


    Your comics typically make me smirk, but this one jostled me out of my typical day-long yawn. On another note:
    1. More Bevins.
    2. More Bevins.
    3. Bevins should sing the squirrel song.
    4. I’m happy this actually happened to you and sounds like something from “Wall St.” (the movie)
    5. Rats don’t actually drown very easily. If anything, they all probably floated to the surface for once, hang tenned all over the LES, rat high-fived, and are working back into their homes, post flood just like everyone else. (That person is retarded and doesn’t know anything about rats)

    • Posky says:

      People seem to really like Mr. Bevins. It’s amazing that you can put pure hatred into a cute package and people will love it.

      Yeah, rats are total champs and great swimmers. I’d say 5% casualties, tops.

  6. Shannygirl says:

    I was born and raised in the South and have lived through dozens of storms. I’m in VA now so we lived through this one too. I’ve always been amazed at how everyone pulls together after a storm to help one another, the only time I’ve not seen that but the complete opposite was after Katrina. I lived in Houston at the time and I can tell you it was a time that shamed all of us.

    • Posky says:

      Why do you think everyone acted so differently?

      • Shannygirl says:

        Honestly I don’t know.. everyone was very angry. I know people put Fema down for what they did but from where I lived we saw FEMA doing so much. They paid the rent for families for over 3 years!!!! After they bused the people from New Orleans over to Houston the crime rate jumped over 100% almost instantly. They imposed curfews in Houston and warned people if you don’ thave to go out of your house at night, don’t. It took years for things to improved.

  7. prenin says:

    Glad you’re OK my friend. Hope they get everything up and running before too long! :)

    Boy am I glad I live in England! :)

    God Bless!


    • Posky says:

      I love the UK but I wouldn’t put the weather on the top of my reasons why!

      Things are mending as I write this. My neighborhood is now fully functional and the rest of the city is on its way.

      • prenin says:

        Good. I’m glad things are getting better – the TV reports looked pretty grim…

        Thanks for the visit and comment! :)

        I don’t know why I had these heart episodes, but they are slowly improving so it looks like I’m not going to drop dead JUST yet! :)

        Yeah the new Star Trek looked pretty cool, especially the acting which had me grinning from time to time! :)

        Maybe they’ll make a new series – Star Trek is one excellent franchise! :)

        Thanks for the comment about the background – it’s from the game ‘Fallout 3’ which I can heartily recommend! :)

        God Bless and stay safe!


      • Posky says:

        I’m a huge Fallout fan I’d probably be up about a dozen blog post if it wasn’t for 3 and New Vegas.

        I would like to see a new Star Trek series start up. I gave all of the post Next Generation shows a shot but none of them held my interest or loyalty like those that came before it.

  8. Agreed. Totally. No matter what happens, life goes on….

  9. heycrin says:

    hahaha, the duck. Just know that in an office in Bristol, England, a colleague just said to me, ‘Are you looking at a comic strip about a duck?’
    I said yes and I’m not ashamed.

    • Posky says:

      Anytime that happens, take it as an opportunity to plug the blog.

      “I actually am! Are you interested? Sit down and let me explain to you why you should read this.”

  10. calahan says:

    Is working for a duck even legal in NY? I thought they abolished ducks as employers after the Down Uprising of 1935.

  11. Anna says:

    Ah, it’s nice when people get brought together because of bad stuff. Of course it would be nice to bond over good stuff too, but you can’t do everything all at once :)

    • Posky says:

      I am just keeping my fingers crossed for people to become generally better or for life to be more interesting overall. I’ll take what I can get.

  12. This cartoon is perfect. I pretty much imagined that most of the United States was secretly—or not so secretly—thrilled when we got nailed by that hurricane. All those ungodly hipsters and liberals and city folk here.

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