Spiders In School

While my parents were visiting, my mother told me that a tarantula came to her school one day and I imagined it wearing a little backpack. She later told me it showed up in a box and was not trying to enroll. I was mistaken in my earlier assumption.

She’s a teacher. Support teachers and support learning. Also consider supporting spiders. They eat loser bugs like mosquitoes, fleas, flies, and cockroaches.


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31 Responses to Spiders In School

  1. Aww. This is the first time I’ve ever wanted to hug a spider.

  2. bookofmohs says:

    Love this cartoon, hilarious :D

  3. cissyblue says:

    I have to throw in the devil’s advocate here, as spiders have never shown themselves to me as anything remotely worthy of much consideration… and yes, I read Charlotte’s Web… haha and who can say if they aren’t possibly some sort of bio-bot micro device, yechhhh…. Based on past experience, spiders never seem to have good intentions, any way you go… :) sorry spiders…

    • I think spiders and cats probably have a lot in common. I saw a cat eat a spider once, it was pretty great.

      • cissyblue says:

        Kittens are so fun to watch as they grow up. I have three from the local shelter that I raised from tiny things… on goat milk from a local goat-rancher! haha You can look on my Facebook page – Cecile Caple, Austin, Texas and see some pictures of my kittens, or there is a YouTube video of Arnie, called Anie in the Zone, by James Jones, my roommate… or its on my YouTube page Cissy Caple, under favorites if it’s hard to find… I do have those problems some times… :) Yes, cats do tend to eat bugs, just not usually spiders, never seen that one… hehe I guess somebody has to do it…. yeeeccchhhhhh…..

  4. Sylvie says:

    This is pretty cute.

  5. prenin says:

    This is a poignant reminder of kids like Malala who are denied education by terrorists who want them to be ignorant baby carriers.

    God Bless!


  6. Good heavens! Where did your mom teach?! Deepest, darkest Africa? Has she spotted Dr. Livingstone? Spiders need love (and an education) too.

  7. debe brown says:

    It’s so funny what images pop into a child’s head

  8. For my part, I’ve always had an appreciation for spiders – not that I’ve ever met any offensive ones likely to bite and kill me. While in Canada, I made it a habit to keep at least one tame spider in each room to catch flies for me. Living in the country, flies can be real pests and I viewed spiders as my friends, attempting to rid me of pests that like to wake me up in the morning by walking on my face. No, spider webs posed MUCH less of a problem to me than did nasty sticky flies AND mosquitoes that spiders like to chow down on.

    Go spiders!

    Actually, why isn’t there a sports team of some sort call the “__________ Spiders” (Enter name of city of your choice). Spiders are seriously unappreciated, in my opinion.

    God bless spiders!

  9. Soul Walker says:

    Do spiders eat ants?

    • cissyblue says:

      It has been my natural experience that ants and spiders do not acknowledge each other in passing. And although there are many different kinds of spiders and ants, in general one would have to say that in most situations these two have little in common. The ants are busy social creatures that are always working or performing some task, where your average spider is solitary and quiet. I would venture to go so far to say that even if a careless ant were to end up in a spider’s web, she would probably be completely uninterested. I have no idea why this is. :)

      • Soul Walker says:

        I guess I’ll just kill all the spiders I find then… poor guys– can’t get an education and they are hunted by giants… some people just can’t catch a break.

    • I bet they do if there is an opportunity.

  10. laugraeva says:

    If he wants to learn, he should just browse for courses on the web.
    I know I’m fucking terrible at jokes.

  11. I’ve seen a couple of spiders hanging about my campus apartment… I just say hello to them. I need to name them. So far it’s just a brown house spider (I don’t think that’s its proper name) and a Daddy Long Legs. They’re pretty chill, keeping other bugs out of my living area.

  12. I can absolutely not do spiders… I just recently got bit by a spider… Didn’t know I did until my arm was huge, and red. And incredibly itchy. Lets just say spiders are now at the bottom of my list.

  13. socialpariah says:

    I one time remember eating Bonkers in my room. Remember those? ’80s candy? I dropped one on the floor and my mom was like, “Pick that up. Roaches love Bonkers.” We were in New Orleans and roaches were everywhere no matter what you did, and I was too young to know they were loser bugs. I was, however old enough to know how to write and to understand a longing for candy. So I carefully arranged the remainder of my Bonkers in a neat little row under my bed with a note that said, “You’re welcome!”

    Not as funny as your thing, but still an example of childhood empathy for bugs.

    • I sometimes see them and still have a hard time giving them the old squish. I’d rather leave it to the spiders if I can. Their tiny lives have to be worth something, right?

      This was a wonderful comment.

  14. K.Anthony says:

    someone. please build a school for spiders. do it now.

  15. Dan says:

    love the drawings! Support your Spiders!!

  16. missbrangwynne says:

    I love this so much.

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