An Explanation for Insanity

While visiting my parents, I took advantage of my father’s open Facebook by updating his status with claims of him enjoying the work of David Spade in the film Joe Dirt. In retaliation he made a post for You Monsters Are People that was riddled with errors and made it appear as if I loved the film Soul Plane. While quickly caught and removed, that didn’t keep it from being emailed to ten-thousand subscribers. I just wanted to ease everyone’s fears by explaining what has happened and offer proof that I have not become some kind of idiot. Thank you.

My 2014 Movie top 10
I tried to be more reserved with my comments but with great movies titles like these you can’t blame me for getting out of control. They’re surly destined to become the Best of the Best. Everyone a GEM.

10. Battlefield Earth

Great casting and riveting dialog. Travolta nailed it!

9. Howard the Duck

While the movie was great I thought that the implied “duck on woman action” was a little tasteless.

8. Bambi

A classic for all ages.

7. Sex Lives of the Potato Men

I was hoping to see potatoes shooting out of the men’s pants. Butt , it still ranks highly with me.

6. Flash Gordon (1980)

Best pecks ever. I especially thought that the cheerleading scene was a masterpiece.

5. Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny

A great movie (albeit) I felt the Bunny was miscast.

4. Soul Plane

Snoop Dog had done his homework, so believable as a pilot.

3. Yentl

Barbara Streisand almost made me want to convert. However, I am not sure to what.

2. Anus Magillicutty

With a title like that you know it is a winner.

1. Twilight the Entire Series

The passion, the love, the blood, and the surprise ending…. the series has everything. I nearly swooned when Jacob took off his shirt to dab away Bella’s blood. Wow, what can I say????

GOTCHA Matt.. Dad………..and Mom”

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23 Responses to An Explanation for Insanity

  1. mammylu says:

    Tell your dad he rocks! (But I hope he doesn’t inspire other dads to do the same!)

  2. The Ziggurat says:

    YOUR PARENTS for the win.

  3. Marmelisms says:

    I had my eyebrows raised with a smirk on my face and laughed!

  4. Nice dodge, trying to blame this on your parents. Do we look stupid?

    • I assume some of my readers probably do. Maybe half?

      I assure you that this was entirely the work of my family. I was irate when I got a bunch of random emails from friends saying, “What the hell is up with your most recent post? Are you okay?”

  5. drawandshoot says:

    The tags make up for the lack of drawings … (and taste).
    : )

  6. prenin says:

    Love your family dude! :)

    God Bless my friend!!!


  7. samara says:

    “Duck on woman action”? Dude, you have been snowed in a long time! New York has undergone the zombie apocalypse, which is just stupid shit bloggers say.
    This was funny. Was Travolta in Battlefield 8? I thought it was Butterfield 8. Or was that Elizabeth Taylor?

    • While I do approve of duck on woman action (as long as it is consensual) and even enjoy the film as a good bad movie, these are their words. All I did was leave my website account open while I packed up to leave the wintery wonderland.

      I saw both films drunk so I couldn’t tell you for certain.

  8. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Oh, your Dad is dangerous and dangerously hilarious! Good for him! Now, who taught him how to use FB??!

  9. Thank u for the list. I’m going to look these up. Luv movies.

    Also, although I couldn’t stand twilight flicks the first time, because I value your opinion above my own, will quickly run and buy the series for home theater.

  10. David says:

    Yeah, kudos to your parents for the eclectic cinematic selections, witty commentary and the sustained effort. Well done!

  11. Vine Vampire says:

    Your parents are the best! ;)

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