Snowed In

I am currently sitting out a blizzard in my home state of Michigan. Everyone in it went shopping for the same thing yesterday. Now all the only thing left on the shelves is fear and hopelessness.

Milk and Bread BnW

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23 Responses to Snowed In

  1. We should all have been penguins.

  2. prenin says:

    You’re getting snow, we’re getting a string of storms, lots of flooding and several deaths, so it looks like Momma Nature is pulling a tantrum!!! :(

    Take care of yourself my friend! :)


  3. We are feeling your pain to the south in Indy!

  4. And on the other side of the world, Tennessee, we are lamenting the missed snow – we were supposed to get all of 2 inches, but no, it missed us completely!

  5. We’re just freezin’ our boots off right now in KY…a little misty snow here and there, a little blasted cold wind, and by mid week, we’re going to get to enjoy our mud heaven of a farm again soon enough. sigh…mud is so boring…

    • I’ve heard “mudding” is pretty fun though.

      • Only when shoes are not lost in the mess :) I’ve learned to wear calf-high lace up boots, others on the farm are still learning that fate! I will say I feel sympathetic for the horses that come up to get hay in the mornings, and you see them gradually sledding down the hill with their mouthful of hay, where the mud is so thick. Makes for grumpy equines!

      • Calf-high lace up boots are pretty in right now in NYC. It looks like KY has it’s act together. I have family there, maybe I should visit. I miss trees and animals often.

  6. wow you are from my hometown, I’m now in CT.

  7. Byron says:

    Some of you are going to want to slit my throat and throw me off a steep cliff, but I sincerely wish I was back in MI for all the snow and deep cold. It’s about 40 degrees here in Portland, and although it is great, something about having to deal with real weather makes you appreciate nature more, it’s power – – it’s a humbling experience that also toughens you up a bit. I admit I’m getting soft out here.

    Soft as baby thighs.

    • It’s a lot of whimsy but, in practical terms, it actually isn’t particularly wonderful. A windchill of minus 40 Fahrenheit basically means your face feels like it’s being burnt off inside of about three minutes. I always forget how cold that feels until I’m out in it and it’s taking away my ability to breathe. It’s slippery as hell too. I helped my father push out a tractor and blasted my pelvis on an icy driveway. I think this is as tough as I care to get for this year.

  8. lilyymariaa says:

    This happened not too long ago in Arkansas. There was absolutely no bread or milk left after crowds of people bought it all out.

  9. Hope you get back to NYC soon and save, where fear and hopelessness is never in short supply.

  10. samara says:

    THERE you are.
    I was worried. I thought you’d been buried in an avalanche.
    The weather here has been horrid. Not Michigan horrid, just tri-state area horrid. You know – like, you can’t even go to lick a lamp post without getting your damn tongue frozen stuck. So annoying.

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