An Apology To People Who Hate Reading

Last week I wrote the scariest story ever told for everyone’s Halloween enjoyment. While it received plenty of accolades and is currently being made into an audiobook, some of my fans complained that it was too long for them to read. A number of people suggested that I spend less time writing and more time working on drawing comics to supplement shorter less word-driven posts. There were even a few people that sent me emails explaining how annoyed they were that I expected them to read so much in the first place. I am terribly sorry to have upset these loyal “readers” and hope that they are satisfied with this singular paragraph and its accompanying illustration.


Being literate is hard. I know that now.

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28 Responses to An Apology To People Who Hate Reading

  1. syntaxsinner says:

    People actually complained?

    Thank you for WRITING.
    Thank you for showing your prowlace to write in length and sustain the high until you ripped the life out of the hot girl for no reason.

    Complainer = Douche Nozzle
    Boo, complainers. They suck.

    • syntaxsinner says:

      I MEMORIZED a bit, man… It’s hallucinogenic to write details like… Of Dracula’s sunglasses reflecting torch fire… Appearing in a green most under the door. I read it once. I still see it. Good colours.

      I am sorry, though. I am a total IDIOT and clam head. I am probably not helping. I WAS nominated in 2013 for biggest PEN.

  2. Shannon Greaney says:

    This is amazing, love the last panel in particular. Really made me chuckle!

  3. Yeah, lots of people have short attention spans and don’t like to scroll. Go figure!

  4. urbannight says:

    I am behind in my reading of blogs. So I have not read the story at issue. Now I am looking forward to it. I would rather read, thank you very much.

  5. ღ♥ღ says:

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  6. shimipark says:

    Well, I enjoyed it.

  7. creepymom says:

    But everybody should love very scary stories ;-;

  8. iancoates2014 says:

    Hahaha, People on WP that don’t want to read! No wonder I have so many videos on my feed.

  9. I honesty can’t tell if you’re being serious or if this is just another one of your witty sarcastic barbs. I can’t tell!

  10. mrphotog says:

    Loved this. So true.

  11. PsiFiGal says:

    This is so funny! People on WordPress complaining about reading?? I liked the story, it was fun and I like fun :) It was different for you though, your loyal “readers” have become accustomed to your drawings, I was a little surprised but I sure as hell wasn’t mad… some people, screw ’em.

  12. seaofcarnage says:

    bahhahahahahahahahaha! It is a blog, which in my definition is a persons personal choice of things to share! This comic made me laugh so hard. You sir, are a genius! Now since I was moving and missed that post, I will have to go back and read it.

  13. ginjuh says:

    The duck and I are of like minds. (And didn’t that blog post even start with “I am sorry this is sort of long, but…”?)

  14. Dan says:

    love the strip. keep writing!

  15. Maybe you could make abridged versions for the really long blog posts….

    • I would offer abridged posts for a small fee.

      “Get your You Monsters Are People with all of the extra thought and effort taken out for only $1.25 a month! Just the jokes and calm disdain with half the context!”

  16. This is a beautiful apology. Henceforth I shall measure all apologies by this standard.

  17. This was great! Wow, some people though.

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