You Monsters Are People of New York PART TWO (Still Not Copying HONY, Totally Original)

If the internet has taught me anything, it’s that the repetition of a lazy idea is key to its success. Last week’s posting, where I was inspired by (but in no way directly imitating or satirizing) Humans of New York, received a fair amount of attention so I’ve decided to bring it back. It returns not because it’s an easy way to get traffic and reuse old material but because people demand my unique photographic sensibilities and the beautiful humanity they display. However, with the next post we will be returning to business as usual here at the nonexistent offices in my mind.

YMAPoNYexpensiveclothes“We’re really into supporting causes online without doing very much research into the topic. It’s a great way to make yourself seem smart and socially responsible. Sometimes it can backfire though. A few years ago I liked a bunch of articles about ethnic cleansing before I found out what it actually meant.”

An Occupy Wall Street activist is pushed off the street by a New York Police Department officer while demonstrating in the financial district during the one-year anniversary of the movement in New York

“Fran Lebowitz said there is no such thing as inner peace. She said there is nervousness or death and any attempt to prove otherwise is a waste of time, or whatever. I think that’s why I like hitting people and became a cop. That ugly dyke makes a lot of good sense.”

YMAPoNYleavemealone“My wife would not stop talking about that show, Friends, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. It got so bad that she would tell me which character each person we knew reminded her the most of. Then she bought a new dog and named it Chandler. That was pretty much it for me so I just left.”


“Every day I come to the park and hope the birds will eat me. They’ve come close a couple of times.” 

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14 Responses to You Monsters Are People of New York PART TWO (Still Not Copying HONY, Totally Original)

  1. Hey, I think I know one of those pigeons… shoot, it’s his eyes that are so distinctive. Curse your thorough black-barring!

  2. ginjuh says:

    Oh, milk it, these are very entertaining.

  3. prenin says:

    Very good! :)

    God Bless!


  4. dommehouse says:

    It’s totally legit to gain inner peace through beating people. Some of us do it professionally!

  5. Scott Danzig says:

    Humans of post-apocalyptic New York? I think everything deserves its evil twin! Yay ethnic cleansing!

  6. billmasterk says:

    Reminds me of that one book where birds took over the world … Muhaha

  7. elevenwinds11 says:

    Well i disagree with Fran Lebowitz. There is such this as inner peace. But it’s like a mirror, once broken you can never really have it all again. Everyone has that when we were all young, but I guess it matters with how your parents build you up as a young person. If they’re not good then definitely you won’t have peace, as easy as that.

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