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You Monsters Are People of New York PART TWO (Still Not Copying HONY, Totally Original)

If the internet has taught me anything, it’s that the repetition of a lazy idea is key to its success. Last week’s posting, where I was inspired by (but in no way directly imitating or satirizing) Humans of New York, … Continue reading

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This Is What School Lunches Look Like In America [100% Real]

A friend of mine shared an article with me that showcased how much better the rest of the world’s kids have it than the ones in America when it comes to food. It’s a well known fact that the school lunches … Continue reading

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How To Kill The President

Recently a friend of mine sent me one of those shortened website URLs that brings it down to a few characters of gibberish. The purpose being that it looks marginally better than the mile-long web address it normally takes you … Continue reading

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Anthropophagous Togetherness: Meat, Your New Friends

We’ve all looked at someone we’ve loved and thought, “When they die, I might eat them a little bit so they will stay part of me forever.”  It probably doesn’t happen all that often but it has happened.  You’ve noticed … Continue reading

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