Wow! These Nine Beautiful Babies Have Aged Horribly.

A lot of pressure comes along with being a truly adorable baby, and most babies are known to hold onto the youthful good looks that defines them for as long as they can manage. Unfortunately, father time cannot be stopped and is sometimes terribly unkind. Here are nine examples of grade A baby meat that have spoiled rather badly…

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Baby Blake Hauser used to be known as the darling of Fairfield County but, in 1994, his appearance at Holland Hill Elementary was dubbed “less than stellar” by critics. Hardly in the public eye since then, it’s rumored he is now working as a senior network administrator. How the mighty have fallen!

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“Cupcake” Dan Williams was THE hottest baby during the Johnson administration. Whatever happened between then and now must have been pretty brutal because he hardly even resembles himself anymore. Tragic.

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Martin Cheema worked with some of the finest photographers that Sears had to offer in 1988. The stunning results ended up on dozens of fridges across eastern New Jersey while onlookers exclaimed “what an adorable child!” That number dwindled to just two by 2012. While you can still see a glimmer of what made him such a epic baby, there’s certainly nothing “A-OK” about his current look. Nice try, Martin.

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Jessie Sullivan’s peekaboo antics were legendary amongst her extended family but sources say that she hasn’t played a game in over thirty years! Also gone is her signature (and super chic) fuzzy security blanket that many find it difficult to recognize her without! She is currently a model and teacher living in California.

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Paul Thomas may have more cuteness credits than any one baby has a right to. The premiere mall Santa of Sandusky Ohio used a photo with Thomas from 1990 to 2006 as part of his portfolio. Paul’s looks, sadly, faded long before then and was forced to take on work as a start-up employee. He died in a house-fire in May 2013.

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Sonya “Sony” Bellamy’s adorable face delighted the elderly members of her community in Salt Lake City. Known as the baby with the most pinchable cheeks in Utah, geriatrics would line up to give them a squeeze. Now a hideous monster by comparison, Bellamy keeps a low profile and works as the spokesperson for numerous health and beauty products.

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Harris Meyer was Madison Avenue’s little star in 1979. Tragically, he passed on shortly after this photo (left) was taken. However, we have a pretty good idea what he might look like today (right) and it’s definitely not good…

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 6.53.02 PM

Désiré Holcomb’s unique look took Santa Fe by storm until she was overshadowed by her little sister only two years later. Apparently incapable of sharing the limelight, she seems to have lost it completely. Without her trademark chubby cheeks and round face, she is practically unrecognizable. Yikes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 6.54.09 PM

Charles Alberts was once eight and a half pounds of completely endearing beauty. Sadly, his rapid weight gain ballooned him up to a horrific one-hundred and ninety. If anything Alberts serves as a cautionary tale to babies everywhere. He currently works as an investment banker.

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  1. Love this post! You are so right they have aged horribly but you must admit they have matured well. People, unlike bourbon, must do the later do be great.

  2. Haha, that last photo is just great!! It’s as if the baby is telling the man “What happened? Look at you!” and the man is just laughing going “Haha, yeah I know. Let me take a better look.”

  3. mujtaba says:

    that was a pretty perceptive post BUT i really admire the wisecrack name and the “you are wasting your life” caption for the comment section.
    just had to point that out

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