Valentine’s Day Cards For Everybody Else

This morning the cyberverse was awash with Valentine’s Day themed images and I couldn’t help but notice that several demographics weren’t being represented in the slightest. The Hallmark Holiday seems to primarily celebrate a very middle of the road sort of romance and that’s very boring. So, in the hopes of helping some of the overlooked lovers out there, I hurried over to my pens to make a few cards.


Hopefully Hallmark already has you covered. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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21 Responses to Valentine’s Day Cards For Everybody Else

  1. Frez says:

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    666 LOVE¤

  2. suejansons says:

    This post reminded me of one of my favorite demotivational posters. Domestic violence because sometimes you have to tell her twice!

  3. samara says:

    You’re a freak.
    Dogs? Urp.

  4. prenin says:

    Happy Hallmark Day Matt – I slept through it!!! :)

    God Bless!!!


  5. Yes, the ‘slushy stuff’ does tend to get a bit dull. Mine was at least original, being on crutches and all (nothing to do with your second card by the way!!!!!)

  6. Peter says:

    Thank you for this. I was looking for a Valentine’s Day card that would communicate to my girlfriend that this was absolutely the last time I would settle a crossword puzzle dispute with my fists.

  7. Baahaahaaa!!!!! Yes, I am laughing at the second photo.

  8. itsbridgetbaby says:

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    my kind of Valentine’s <3 :)

  9. echida says:

    If only I had printed this out I could have given it to my civil union partner dog as established by Facebook thus making it true. Ps he can read he is psychic and told me. He just does it in his head.

  10. rina862 says:

    hahaha this was awesome!

  11. I really like your posting, especially the home drawn cards. Hallmark doesn’t have cards from wife beaters or dogs or to dogs. They tend to have a very limited selection. I love your ability to make your own cards. Thank you for the post.

  12. I like this post, you have a wonderful way with words. I read many of your post but haven’t commented at all. I love the card for your dogs. I bet Hallmark doen’t have cards to or from dogs maybe not even from cats or canaries. I certainly doubt they have cards from wife beaters. It’s good that you came up with some. Please post some more of these next year but post them a few days earlier so I can print them out and send them.
    Thank you, Your newest follower Nelson

  13. Hmmm… I was really looking for something in the, “How about we try new things in bed… Like other people” genre of card. But these are swell too, I guess.

  14. Sing Speak Smile says:


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