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Lame New World: A Preface For Our Awful Future

Not long ago I was filling out a number of worksheets intended for small children, as I have a propensity to do during an evening of moderate drinking, and they pressed me into wondering about the future of politics and … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Cards For Everybody Else

This morning the cyberverse was awash with Valentine’s Day themed images and I couldn’t help but notice that several demographics weren’t being represented in the slightest. The Hallmark Holiday seems to primarily celebrate a very middle of the road sort … Continue reading

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Ghost Dogs and the New American Job Market

When we were all young, everyone kept telling us that we could be whatever we wanted when we grew up. After all, we lived in America and that was the one place in the whole world where you could achieve … Continue reading

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Giant Dogs and Unlikely Ova: Another True Story

When I was in my teens, my next door neighbor had this rundown looking house populated by mean looking dogs.  The place was flat grey with a gravel driveway, a backyard that was mostly dirt and dark yellow curtains that … Continue reading

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Unpretentious Devotion: Romantic Advice from Dogs

If you lay down in the prone position before establishing a dominant relationship with a dog, there is a good chance that he’s going to hump you regardless of your preference on the matter.  Dogs do not overanalyze relationships.  In … Continue reading

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Dog Faces and the Long Process of Dotage

People seem to think that getting old happens overnight but aging is a long arduous process.  You don’t suddenly wake up one morning with this uncontrollable desire to start dolling out hard candies like some sort of juicy mouthed, high … Continue reading

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