Pet Projects

It has been a ruff couple of weeks and I have yet to make heads or tails of it. There has been little time to take paws and assess all of the work I have been doing lately. Hopefully I finish soon because I would hate myself if this ended up as another fur-gotten pet project.


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10 Responses to Pet Projects

  1. prenin says:

    No worries, you’ll be bark with a good blog in no time! :)

    God Bless!


    • Arnold Schwarzendorf is the ultimate dog boy. “I’ll be bark”… haha… what if they made a movie… “Teen Wolf Goes To Tiny Town”, and Arnold plays a werewolf who shrinks. He can’t scare anyone. Not even cats. Hmmmm. He already did “Twins”… I think he’s done with comedy.

  2. npiyer says:

    Poor dogs, so confused by strange things humans say.

  3. I like your writing style. If you like, keep it up. I got “blog awards” and now no one cimments……

    I never got much in comments. My Zaphanathpaneah17.word press was NOMINATED #1 in 2013

    I dont understand… no one told me congratulations… maybe one.

    Your blog is way better than my Zaphanathpaneah17.word press
    Which is alsi a graphic urban tale of psychic fear

    You can have my nomination
    Nominees are supposed to pass it on but they did not say how to pass on ten suggestions

    So you can have my nomination suggestions for 2013

    All ten for just you, because how is life cooler than downtown weird shit? I had a meth head, 6’3″ try to get in bed with me naked.

    That was not cool. I was up like that.
    Then I made him cry and leave.
    But I sent him along with food.

    I am the Urban Magi

    Pleased to meet you almost

  4. Urban Magi loves you.
    He loves everybody…
    Even meth head giants
    Who end up naked in
    His bed, then he kicks
    Their ass mentally and
    Makes them hot dogs
    And has them leave.

    I got a nomination in 2013
    It should’ve gone to you
    So I reject my nomination
    I say you the man

  5. Aldog20171 says:

    I loved your article and found it very entertaining. Definitely gave it a ‘like.’ If you want to read another blog full of silliness, try

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