The Future Of Art In America

Is your book not selling? Make it about Batman. Having a hard time getting people to go and see your band? Make every song about Scooby-Doo. Need extra cash for painting supplies? Paint something where you have Mario and Luigi driving KITT, from Knight Rider, off a cliff as an homage to Thelma and Louise. The more popular references you have the better your art becomes! Art often reflects the society in which it was created and what better reflects our society than an endless mash-up of popular culture? Nothing.

The best way to make it as an artist is to combine two popular characters into one thoughtless and lazy abomination that the public will go wild over. As we are now a nation of perpetual children, you can literally convince other adults that your nerd core rap about DuckTales is high art worth paying for. Art that appeals to the artist or offers some sort of introspection is a financial non-starter, but inject some nostalgia and you’ve got yourself a sale. If you’re asking yourself why, it’s because every lonely thirty-two year old with a soul-crushing job will shell out twenty bucks for something that reminds them of a time when they still had an imagination.

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10 Responses to The Future Of Art In America

  1. The Ziggurat says:

    Aww yeah. I’m getting Slimebacca tatttoed onto muh face

  2. prenin says:

    Same here in the UK I’m afraid. :(

    We are now seeing movies made about characters we saw in comics and magazines when we were kids: Iron Man, Thor (now a woman for Christ sakes), the X men, Fantastic 4 etc. etc.

    Don’t get me started on Judge Dredd!!! :(


    Because the people with the money to wallow in nostalgia are our generation and we want our kids to see what we had the imagination to enjoy when we were their age – talk about self gratification!!!

    Anybody makes a movie about the Bash Street Kids and my brain will implode!!! :(

    God Bless!


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  4. annieemmy says:

    This is totally brilliant and so spot on! “The best way to make it as an artist is to combine two popular characters into one thoughtless and lazy abomination that the public will go wild over.” Yes, yes, yes. Nicely done.

  5. mcbarlow5 says:

    Am I sensing that you’re displeased with the current state of what passes for entertainment in our society? Surely you jest…

  6. If this is satire, I agree. There is a fine line between expressing your self and appealing to culture. Art should be a selfish and selfless.

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