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The Future Of Art In America

Is your book not selling? Make it about Batman. Having a hard time getting people to go and see your band? Make every song about Scooby-Doo. Need extra cash for painting supplies? Paint something where you have Mario and Luigi driving … Continue reading

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The You Monsters Are People Audio Experience: Erotic Mac n’ Cheese

This second podcast is a little PG-13 and probably best avoided by young children and uptight weirdos. Stream it at work, download it for the commute and share it if you like anything you hear! In this episode, Vinnie discusses … Continue reading

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Weird New NYC Parks Campaign Guarantees Explosive Increase in Rat and Bird Population

There appears to be a weird new New York City Parks campaign to increase the rat and bird population. Luckily, I think rats and pigeons are hilarious animals. I am already hard at work on breeding my very first litter … Continue reading

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Taking My Evening Constitutional

I came across this while I was out wetting my whistle…. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but, in this case, I think they break pretty much even. I am, as we speak, uploading the next Cat … Continue reading

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Another True Story, Cats, Krills and Artistic Thrills.

For some people, just being in a public bathroom heightens the tension of every moment.  Something as innocuous as standing next to another person becomes your own personal hell when it’s done at the urinal.  I’ve heard sweaty bearded man-voices … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania or Bust and The Shadow Art Fair

Are you planning a summer vacation this year?  Would you like to be my friend?  Are you a creepy hobo-drifter?  Are you currently residing in, or near, the state that Jim Harrison once called a partially paved atrocity? If you … Continue reading

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Creators and Creations: Wherefore Art Thou?

Since it’s entirely subjective, virtually anything can be considered art.  I could go to the bathroom inside of a top hat and put it on display, assuming that’s not been done several times already.  While this might sound like a … Continue reading

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