Dinner Run A Fowl

Swans are jerks.

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14 Responses to Dinner Run A Fowl

  1. Better him than me

  2. You are successfully maintaining your level of sickness. Bravo!

  3. libraryscene says:

    ah…reason 565 I remain vegan. Though, tonight my pup protested her vegan diet and killed a mouse before I could stop her. I felt so bad… turn that into a ‘toon (wink), cheers ~

    • Posky says:

      Are you commissioning me for something?

      My fee is a date, a story and ten bucks an hour.

      • libraryscene says:

        Shall we meet at the WordPress virtual bar, then… I shall like to watch you fashion my ‘toon while I tell you a story ~

      • libraryscene says:

        Since I cannot delete my first snarky reply… I shall just add that I am actually considering this as it would be cool to have a Posky original. No deadline for date & I shall keep story short for I is poor, cheers ~

  4. I am on heavy dose of pain meds so this comic makes sense to me! ^_^

  5. anonnickus says:

    Had I seen this in the New Yorker I might have dismissed it as “Huh? I don’t get it.” Sadly this is not the New Yorker so I do get it. Very sad indeed. Good comment. Keep up the good work.

    • Posky says:

      If something like this ended up in the New Yorker it would be because they were trying to appeal to a certain difficult to reach demographic or I had taken over the place and released an issue before the police managed to take me down.

  6. peculiarpotato says:

    Duck soup yummy! Stop feeding them grains and they eat their own hmmmmm.

  7. Purple Chimp says:

    I enjoy the tags. Swans ARE jerks.

  8. Dear Mr. Posky,
    Mother Hen is in a fowl mood now, and it is all your fault.
    Swan murderer!
    She is going to get her smelling salts now.
    Tragically yours,
    Mother Hen

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