Party Tip: Pronounce Harassment With A British Accent

Again, I know I don’t usually reblog other people’s work but this seemed particularly relevant to my previous post, Reassessing Humanity as All Inclusive.  A good friend of mine from back home has posted a rather poignant story that was accompanied by his new invention designed to avoid harassment:

“This country is in a dire need for a long, painful, honest, and serious conversation about the racial history, present, and future between black and white people. It seems we would rather make jokes and skirt around the bigger issue because it is so difficult for all of us to address. No one expects everyone to get along perfectly, but the elephant in this room is more like a herd of charging rhinoceroses.”

It seems to me that, at this point, black and white people should have gotten it together in America.  They are the two groups that have been here the longest (save for the people the land was originally stolen from) and are the most closely tied to each other throughout its history.  I highly recommend you read the rest of the article at piratecake.

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9 Responses to Party Tip: Pronounce Harassment With A British Accent

  1. I assume there’s a bathroom “port” in the back of the suit, as well. If not, that may be the only flaw in this novel invention!

  2. Byron says:

    Thanks for the share!

  3. a. m. f. says:

    Glad you added that final paragraph…I was hoping you wouldn’t leave out the forgotten faction living in no man’s land, aka, the rez…misunderstanding of our history is an understatement ~

  4. Ahhh…. my daily desire for satire is satiated. Good work, guys.

  5. The Ziggurat says:

    I appreciate that you linked to your friend’s work.

  6. garyyc says:

    Hmmmm if you were a woman, how would the H Blocker work? There doesn’t seem to be an access port on the bottom.

    Thanks for the share as well!

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