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The Peace of Mind Want Ad

Last week I created a want ad seeking peace of mind and posted it on Craigslist as sort of a social experiment…   Here are some excerpts from a few of the responses I received over the weekend: I hope … Continue reading

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Party Tip: Pronounce Harassment With A British Accent

Again, I know I don’t usually reblog other people’s work but this seemed particularly relevant to my previous post, Reassessing Humanity as All Inclusive.  A good friend of mine from back home has posted a rather poignant story that was … Continue reading

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Modern Problems: The Cultivation of Pulchritude in Ugliness

There is a distinct absence of class today.  Back during what many refer to as in the day, if two parties had a disagreement, someone would have made a clever quip and then tap danced up a marble staircase.  Chances are, they … Continue reading

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You Monsters are People

There is something wrong with the world we live in, subtly wrong. People, people everywhere, are ignoring the important things because they are lazy or afraid. I wonder if this is why so many people are so vastly unhappy so … Continue reading

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