The You Monsters Are People Audio Experience: Roller Coaster DJs

You no longer need to be literate to enjoy You Monsters Are People because I’ve started a podcast. Listen to it at work or download it and take it with you for the commute, the gym, or into the afterlife. If you like what you hear let me know and, more importantly, let someone else know!

In this inaugural podcast a roller coaster DJ, named Lightning Lou, reminisces about his past and the genesis of his craft. We get a taste of his sound as well as his philosophy. If you find yourself desiring more of Lou’s auditory stylings, I’ve included an extended cut of the Lean Into The Gs Mix (Live from Cedar Point). Much like the interview it’s dripping with ridiculous nostalgia and positive vibes.

While the format is still being established and tweaked, I urge everyone to give as much feedback as they feel comfortable. We are also looking for interesting guests and people to submit ideas for topics and original music. All submissions can be placed into a leather bag with several of your eyelashes and dropped into the sea or emailed directly to

*A special thank you goes out to the Cimbalik brothers, Jols, B-Mo and Ashleigh for helping me hit the ground running with this.

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Wisdom, wonderment and weird for everyone.
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19 Responses to The You Monsters Are People Audio Experience: Roller Coaster DJs

  1. prenin says:

    Lots of luck dude – I hope it works out!!! :)

    God Bless!


  2. UndercoverL says:

    You have peeps and I am a gelatinous, bubbling mass of envy. Even my husband wouldn’t tune in to listen to my droning. Bwahahaha. Will you interview Mr. Bevins?

    • We’ll see how this all goes. It could result in me going on and on about what flavors of tea complement certain moods by episode three.

      I would love to interview Mr. Bevins but I’m not sure how I could manage it or if I could even take the type of abuse he is capable of issuing. Ideas?

      • UndercoverL says:

        Mr. Bevins ought not bite the hand that draws him, that’s what I think. Someone ought to evoke a feeling of respect from him; after all, he’s never been elected president or managed to create a podcast. (But I did see a dead duck in the road the other day and it did occur to me that Mr. Bevins has been at the local pond berating the locals and leading them to off themselves fueled by new-found self-loathing.)

        I think a podcast about tea and it’s complementing moods would be riveting. Of course, I am simple-minded.

  3. NecroKitten says:

    This is so awesome and exciting. I’m going to spam everyone I know to listen and such. Also, an entire podcast about flavours of tea would be excellent. But I’m biased. Hahaha

    • If I could figure out a way to make that funny, I probably would. I am a pretty solid lover of teas and coffees. I’m considering doing a segment about pies.

      Thanks for the shares AND the cares…. and the hairs….

  4. Soul Walker says:

    Awesome. Great interview.

    • Thanks! As things stand currently, these are just for fun but I’m hoping to get one done every other week. If audio stuff ends up being as popular as the rest of the blog, I’ll probably end up doing them more frequently though. Tell your people and let me know if you know anyone who might make a good guests or something that might be an interesting topic.

  5. prenin says:

    Hi Posky! :)

    Thanks for the visit and comment! :)

    Given I rarely have visitors and spend too much time inside my box, the PS3 is vital! :)

    Trouble is I need more games, but don’t have the money to just splurge on the latest, so I find myself making up sub-plots to make the games I have more entertaining!

    I’ve stopped playing ‘Fallout 3’ because I got sick of the killing…

    God Bless!


    • The Fallout games are totalvalue games though. You can play them for weeks before they even hint at becoming tiresome. Check out Skyrim and Oblivion if you want another game that will take you into a whole new world for a month or two. You should be able to find them used for a decent price.

      Alternatively, hobbies like writing, drawing and music can occupy whatever free-time you have and then some for even less money.

      • prenin says:

        I agree!

        I loved ‘Fallout 3’ because I could play it however I wanted, so I made it harder for myself, but it was fun! :)

        I also have all the original XCOM games for PC! :)

        I’m a published author so I need my games when I am waiting for life to catch up.

        To find the trailers go to You Tube and search RedmundPro and look for ‘Jabberweil Hunt’ and ‘Songs of Angels’ by Ian Shaw.

        God Bless!


  6. drawandshoot says:

    Bring on the tea podcasts.

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