The You Monsters Are People Audio Experience: Sick, Sad, & Back

In the third podcast, I return from being stricken with an upper respiratory infection and ear ache. It turns out that ears and lungs are two elements that play an integral role in creating a stellar podcast. Still feeling a little under the weather, I bravely chat up the owner of Riki Tiki Pies and discuss the subtle levels of food fanciness, moms, and the Chinese.

Theme music by Stephen Jolley and Brett Cimbalik. All additional music courtesy of the lovely Ralph from Pretty Scary. The album is called But It’s All True Even If It Didn’t Happen and is available for purchase.

About You Monsters Are People

Wisdom, wonderment and weird for everyone.
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3 Responses to The You Monsters Are People Audio Experience: Sick, Sad, & Back

  1. prenin says:

    Hi Matt! :)

    Thanks for the visit and comment!!! :)

    Yes, the immense number of probable event lines are astounding! :)

    Makes you wonder if there really ARE alternate realities…

    God Bless!


    P.S: Hope you are feeling better!!! :)

  2. Anna says:

    I love how you are delving into the art of audio- you’re much braver than I, and probably have a more tolerable voice too :D I will listen to this as soon as I am not at work, and in danger of being shot, should too much internets happen on my computer. But as I was here I thought I would say hi, because politeness costs nothing… and neither do llamas, if you steal them. *Nods wisely*

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