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The You Monsters Are People Audio Experience: Sick, Sad, & Back

In the third podcast, I return from being stricken with an upper respiratory infection and ear ache. It turns out that ears and lungs are two elements that play an integral role in creating a stellar podcast. Still feeling a … Continue reading

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Giant Dogs and Unlikely Ova: Another True Story

When I was in my teens, my next door neighbor had this rundown looking house populated by mean looking dogs.  The place was flat grey with a gravel driveway, a backyard that was mostly dirt and dark yellow curtains that … Continue reading

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Unpretentious Devotion: Romantic Advice from Dogs

If you lay down in the prone position before establishing a dominant relationship with a dog, there is a good chance that he’s going to hump you regardless of your preference on the matter.  Dogs do not overanalyze relationships.  In … Continue reading

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Picasso’s Eggs

Picasso claimed that every child is an artist and that the difficulty is in remaining an artist as you grow older.  I suppose that is true.  With the exception of a few scientists and engineers,  the majority of my friends … Continue reading

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