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This Is What School Lunches Look Like In America [100% Real]

A friend of mine shared an article with me that showcased how much better the rest of the world’s kids have it than the ones in America when it comes to food. It’s a well known fact that the school lunches … Continue reading

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The You Monsters Are People Audio Experience: Sick, Sad, & Back

In the third podcast, I return from being stricken with an upper respiratory infection and ear ache. It turns out that ears and lungs are two elements that play an integral role in creating a stellar podcast. Still feeling a … Continue reading

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The Apex of Cuisine: When Too Far Isn’t Far Enough

Roughly every half century, humanity takes a giant leap forward.  The industrial revolution created the modern age of progress and spurred technological advancements.  Fifty years later, we detonated the atomic bomb and man left the safety of our planet for … Continue reading

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Being Born in the Future and the Deliciousness of Tomorrow’s Hotdog

I spent the better part of today comparing different colored metallic foil fringe and tinsel curtains, because I live the sort of life where stuff like that frequently comes into play. However, thirty-six hours earlier, I was at a wedding … Continue reading

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