Unhappily Returning From Vacation

I spent the last couple of weeks visiting my family in Michigan. My mother is a school teacher and I found out that they no longer use blackboards or chalk. While I understand the benefits of whiteboards, there is something aesthetically pleasing about chalk. It will be sorely missed.


I ate a lot of bad-for-you-foods in the Midwest and acquired a pretty impressive farmer’s tan while driving a mid-90s Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft™. Also, if anyone is looking for a place to live, much of Detroit remains abandoned. There is plenty of space for anyone who wants it.

The comics section of the website has been updated and I will be announcing who won the hat this week. I’m just too mad at the Supreme Court and Cooperate America to do anything about it today.

EDIT: Katie Fox won the hat. If you followed me on Twitter you’d have known sooner than later.

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7 Responses to Unhappily Returning From Vacation

  1. When did teachers become the enemy? When did they become the bad guy? How did that happen?!

  2. Electronic whiteboards are also used here in schools in Australia, it’s “the way of the future”…

  3. prenin says:

    Sounds like a good trip! :)

    I’ve seen video of Detroit’s streets – NOT good… :(

    God Bless my friend! :)


  4. mcbarlow5 says:

    I think about everyone with any sense is mad at the SCOTUS right now. On a different note, at least there won’t be that chalk on board demonic scratching sound with whiteboards. Glad you had a good trip home!

  5. urbannight says:

    As someone who was trained to be a teacher, I’m not so upset about the white boards replacing the blackboards. But I don’t like Power Point replacing overhead projectors. It was much easier to write on those sheets, to enhance understanding based on the classes questions, and erase it for the next class because they might be asking different things. I’m also NOT pleased with Common Core. Now I’m glad I’m not teaching.

  6. printedcartoon says:

    Yes, i’m sad too for the slow disappearance of chalk from schools. I remember when i was in school, i used to ate a piece of chalk to give me stomach ache in order to be send at home by my teacher. Good old memories.

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