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Unhappily Returning From Vacation

I spent the last couple of weeks visiting my family in Michigan. My mother is a school teacher and I found out that they no longer use blackboards or chalk. While I understand the benefits of whiteboards, there is something aesthetically … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Get Stabbed: My Time at a Dive Bar Karaoke

There is a dive-bar somewhere in the Midwest that several of my friends claim makes you pay the cover charge in teeth.  When considering the usual clientele, this seems less like a joke and more like a plausible assumption to … Continue reading

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Snowed In

I am currently sitting out a blizzard in my home state of Michigan. Everyone in it went shopping for the same thing yesterday. Now all the only thing left on the shelves is fear and hopelessness.

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Another True Story, Cats, Krills and Artistic Thrills.

For some people, just being in a public bathroom heightens the tension of every moment.  Something as innocuous as standing next to another person becomes your own personal hell when it’s done at the urinal.  I’ve heard sweaty bearded man-voices … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania or Bust and The Shadow Art Fair

Are you planning a summer vacation this year?  Would you like to be my friend?  Are you a creepy hobo-drifter?  Are you currently residing in, or near, the state that Jim Harrison once called a partially paved atrocity? If you … Continue reading

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Examining Canes at the Store: A True Comic

It was my birthday this week.  Let’s take a look back to see where I was this time last year… Huh…  It must not have been a great birthday.

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Will Work for Purpose

Looking for regular work in the creative sector is no easy task.  If you haven’t heard about it already, we’ve got a recession on and Michigan has not faired particularly well.  For a time, I considered being a hobo-drifter but … Continue reading

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