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Doomsday For America: You May Have Missed It

A cell phone sounds off at eight-thirty to notify Donald Trump that his helicopter has arrived atop his building. The man himself slowly shuffles around the three story penthouse apartment, decorated primarily in gold and marble, while habitually clearing his … Continue reading

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The Secret Project

I have not been posting at my normal frequency due to a secret project that has taken up much of extra my time. But it is almost over so you can stop complaining to your friends about how some weird downbeat website, … Continue reading

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Inspirational Inspiration On Perseverance

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Inspirational Inspiration For Work Or Home

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Defeat Those Wintertime Blues: Things to Try If You’re Not a Huge Baby

Based on the expressions on ugly people’s faces that I’ve been passing in the street, the winter doldrums are still going strong. However, the temperatures are about to rise everywhere and the sun has been seen hanging out in the … Continue reading

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A Reminder During the Darkest Days of Winter

Sometimes it feels like there is a hole in my head and every good thought or feeling that I ever had has escaped into space. The best of me has leaked out and been replaced with a humorless mist and … Continue reading

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Halloween: Dream Analysis

Pfft. I’m not even sure that’s a thing.

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The Underwearwolf

My parents are visiting in from out of town so I don’t have time to finish up all of the things I’ve been working on this week. However, as appeasement, I crafted this little beauty for you. It’s based entirely … Continue reading

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