TV with Will.

Eight months ago, I was watching TV at Will’s house…


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7 Responses to TV with Will.

  1. Viciously Sweet says:

    I laughed so hard at this. It reminds me of a few years back when they remade the “Poseidon Adventure,” an actual boat lost balance and tipped over half way. I spent my morning singing “Rock the boat” by Hues Corporation.

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  3. Expressmom says:

    I know you are an artist and a gifted writer, but perhaps you should be a doctor.
    They too excel at black humor!

  4. rtcrita says:

    I think I’m going to hell for laughing so hard at that it made my mouth go wide open! You know, one of those throw-your-head-back-and-laugh-out-loud-like-you-were-raised-on-a-farm (that’s probably gonna piss somebody off, but that’s what my mom use to say when we were too loud) kind of laughs.

    Your friend, Will, must have one of those old-fashioned T.V.s from the 70’s where you had all the control buttons on front where you could see them to use instead of searching underneath or on the side or back for those darn things. I can appreciate that. Almost more than the sick humor . . . almost.

  5. Could you eat frozen babies?

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