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Western Civilization Is Nearly Over: Become A Hater And Make A Difference

Becoming a hater is one the greatest things you can do with your life in these troubled postmodern times. However, the prevailing popularity of willful ignorance and complacency may make finding like-minded individuals difficult. A lot of America has thrown … Continue reading

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Unsolved Mysteries: A Misnomer

When I was a child the scariest thing on television was Unsolved Mysteries. Each week Robert Stack came into our homes for forty-four minutes to explain murders and rapes in brutal detail with the help of “dramatic reenactments” before letting … Continue reading

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Entertainment Dignitaries and Celebrity Trash

About a year ago, I watched a national morning news program that devoted over half of its broadcast time toward promoting a ridiculous looking band that was already exceptionally popular. To aide in your imagination, visualize three scruffy thirty-five year … Continue reading

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Believe in Something Ridiculous

If you’re anything like me, and I know I am, you like to have some sort of ambient background noise for when you’re doing something at home.  I usually tend to put on some music, National Public Radio or just … Continue reading

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TV with Will.

Eight months ago, I was watching TV at Will’s house… End.

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