Romance: Epochs and Expiry

You might want to gaze back at some of my earlier writings and comics when you get the chance since they all seem at least vaguely related.  The following is an addendum to my previous post on romance, love, relationships, and butterflies gnawing at your internal organs.  It is a true story and I am guessing a true not just for me, but for some of you too.

My face is becoming violently scruffy, I don’t think I’ve shaved once this week.  Everyone I know is growing a beard or mustache to fight cancer, but I’m just not sure it is worth it.  It’s too itchy and I rarely sport a beard anyway.  I’m just going to encourage people donate money or be more apathetic about children getting cancer (  I’m pushing for the former.  I think a lot of people are growing beards and mustaches because it’s “in” right now and are using this cancer thing as a safety net in case people don’t like it.  Facial hair is pretty popular among the gents these days and there is definitely a large population of women that seem to feel all sexy about it.  I’ve only had shaggy hobo beards, anything else just seems like too much maintenance and effort.  While a great many of my friends have fur on the face, it doesn’t always look great on everyone.  I’m going to encourage those of you that look like child molesters, teenage dirtbags , Civil War reenactors or homeless to shave once this month comes to a close.

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37 Responses to Romance: Epochs and Expiry

  1. Rick Davis says:

    I once had cancer, when I was a kid. The radiation messed me up real good. My face is mutated, deformed.

    Now, all I do is fight for love. I wish someone would love me.

  2. I occasionally shave my face to remember what it looks like (or because some tattooed woman I was found of, was found of my face). But that means I have to keep shaving. Eventually, I let it go for a week. Then, I shape a mustache and goatee; but that winds up taking more effort to maintain than just shaving my whole face. So, ultimately, I throw down my razor and let my beard grow. To be honest, it’s really more of a security blanket sort of thing, I feel exposed without it.

    On the other topic, it’s funny how that empty torso ache lingers longer than the images. Damn brain chemistry.

  3. Cindy says:

    Is that a condom or a test-tube in her conversation?

  4. nursemyra says:

    your comic makes me *sigh* with longing for all that I lost when Stephen died

  5. untamedshrew says:

    In my case, advice on how to forget someone would be more helpful than how to remember. Any tips on that?

    • Posky says:

      Date a lot of other people you don’t like, become shallow, artificially change your identity, distract yourself with trivial things, and try to blot out their memory.

      However, I don’t recommend any of that. I think you should deal with it for as long as it takes, try something creative as an outlet, stay active and date people you might actually like.

  6. This post makes me feel sad, Posky. Don’t know if it’s the story of loves lost, or your not being sure about shaving. Or cancer. Or maybe it’s just that it’s grey and cold here in London. I feel sad.

    • Posky says:

      Don’t feel bad, this is just the way of the world. It’s gray here too. Gray and cold, and moist, and windy… and everything is dead except for my imagination.

  7. Mixed feelings about this post re happy and sad. Interesting about the beard stuff. True that beards can make one look dapper, mature, old, homeless, crazy, professorial. It’s a real wild card, except if you are a woman and then it’s all bad.

    • Posky says:

      Good. Thoughts and life are complicated. Your mixed feelings validate that.

      I don’t know, some women can make a living off sporting a beard.

  8. Artswebshow says:

    Lol. cool comic.
    On beards, i wear mine to look more manly.
    I look weird without one. lol

    • Posky says:

      Some men do have perpetual baby-face without one. I don’t think you’re one of those though.

      Your beard has served you well, I’ve seen it in action.

  9. Anil says:

    Maybe we can just remember what was, is, and will hopefully be happy.

  10. Dr. Cynicism says:

    Great stuff as always Posky. I agree, I’d tell most of those lazy growers to just shave and chip in a few bucks to actually DO something that helps childhood cancer.

  11. Heart says:

    90% of your readers are female, then I think it is an insult when you have a man with a razor in your “How to get a clean shave” picture.. What do you think?! On a brighter side, I didn’t know that you had some charity bones in you.. So, for that, I am forced to say, well said!

    • Posky says:

      Based upon the comments my readership does seem to be predominantly female but, until they all grow facial hair, I’ll keep my vintage “how to shave” ad that debuted decades before I was even born with the original male models.

      Being charitable is wonderful if it’s a charity you support. Always be aware of where your money, time and energy is going.

  12. 36x37 says:

    I’m with Sunshine, Posky. This makes me a little bit sad. But I still believe it’s better to care about someone and lose them, then to never have known them at all.

    Don’t worry. There are other smart, tattooed, full-bottom-lipped, tow-headed, bespectacled women out there. Although, who knows how they feel about facial hair.

  13. It’s now December 1st. Have you shaved?

  14. Ok…for some reason, I don’t seem to be able to post comments, which is really pissing me off. This is my 3rd try and if this doesn’t work…I give up!

    So here goes…Had to Google this mustache thingy. Seeing as the only way I’ll ever grow one is when my hormones go berserk…it wouldn’t be my favorite way of raising money for charity. Still, I do see a lot of humor-potential for all involved, especially the children with cancer. If it gets a smile on their faces, a little bit of silliness is valid methinks!

    Loved both sketches on Line 4! I think babies have their own versions of pheromones! That’s the only ‘valid’ explanation for why I spend a lot of my time with nose buried in my toddler’s hair!

    • Posky says:

      I’m always glad when something is done for a good cause but this is grossing me out a little. I’m fully aware that mustaches are hip and funny and all but some people out there are creeping me out with theirs. I bet a few of the sicks kids would agree with me.

  15. Catherine says:

    Love the cartoon (is that the right word? Illustration?). What a great way to describe the complex emotions of love…

    • Posky says:

      Cartoon, comic or illustration and all equally preferable to me.

      Love is a complicated thing and I only wish that drawing could have been more than a just an effective way to share a story.

  16. nikki04 says:

    I don’t particularly like beards or mustaches or goatees or flavor savors or whatever else men sport. Some scruff can look good but in general… meh.

    Unless you can pull of something ridiculous. Like the child molester mustache. Or one Capn Hook would like. But then I just think they’re funny. They don’t make me want to date you.

    Bummer about the chick, man. I hear you. Time heals – that’s all I gotta say on that.

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