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Terrible Advice That Could Potentially Work

In my experience, the best way to get a woman to like you is to be totally apathetic and make as many bad jokes as humanly possible. Keep in mind that this really only works on women you aren’t particularly … Continue reading

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Heartache in the Absence of Love and then, Eventually, the Other.

My first girlfriend was a lot like my first job; not particularly enjoyable and only obtained because of peer pressure and convenience. They also both sort of had a weird bleach smell. It probably doesn’t come as much of a … Continue reading

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Desperately Seeking Help: A Personal Problem Advertisement

I would apologize for my long absence from the internet but I was taking a working vacation in order to further enhance future majesty for your eyes, ears and, if you’re lucky, mouths. I was forced to spend the last couple of weeks working in … Continue reading

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The Greatest Used Book in History Continued: November 1988

This is the penultimate installment of a bizarre diary within a used book that I found hidden among the stacks of an old defunct library. It was procured, along with a slew of other junk books, for just a few … Continue reading

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Cats Aren’t Cute and Neither is Your Date: Seeing Through the Fog of Perspective

Society has a serious problem with objectivity.  This is because every person perceives everything differently but it’s our job to reign that in before it we end up with racism, sexism, agism and a slew of other prejudices.  Being objective … Continue reading

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Romance: Epochs and Expiry

You might want to gaze back at some of my earlier writings and comics when you get the chance since they all seem at least vaguely related.  The following is an addendum to my previous post on romance, love, relationships, … Continue reading

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