Pillow Talk: A Brief History of Romance

I have definitely touched on the subject of romance a few times in the past and have even allowed myself to get rather serious on the subject. But love is a pretty boring read when it’s going perpetually well. Romeo and Juliet would have been the worst story ever if their families got along, encouraged their relationship from the start and were just having cookouts all the time. The best part of that entire book is when they (spoilers) both decide to kill themselves because the world won’t allow them to be together. That drama makes for wonderful fiction but not such a desirable reality.

But that is sort of what it’s all about, it’s all part of your own personal story. No matter what the outcome, all you can really do is try your best and be alright with whatever follows. That way you will ensure a meaningful relationship, regardless of whether or not you wake up next to that person every morning. They will remember and you will remember and it will still mean something to both of you.

I once wrote the following in an article about cannibalism:

If a person kept up being civil, somewhat kind and helpful, there is no telling what might happen.  They could even find love, I suppose.  It’s important to be close to people and give a piece of yourself to them, metaphorically.  And it’s imperative that you let them know how you feel, using your own words.  You never forget when someone important tells you something special.

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28 Responses to Pillow Talk: A Brief History of Romance

  1. traciegila says:

    Beautiful re plants! :)

  2. tmalice says:

    Please stop emailing me

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  3. Maybe that person who said to stop emailing really wants you to email them – they don’t know it but they are in love with you. Just a guess. Otherwise, what you say and draw is so true. The remembering can be bittersweet but at least you have something to remember.

  4. Scritch says:

    i actually think the suicide is the most boring part. not only is it the a far too convenient solution to all author problems but the method of suicide is just so idiotic. You want drama – just have a break up like any other teenager would

    • Posky says:

      Someone should rewrite it where they just tell their parents to leave them alone, run off and then get progressively less interested in each other.

      • Scritch says:

        yes and then romeo gets himself a mistress and juliet has an affair with one of romeos buds. then they have a huge bust up about it and rekindle their love affair. or maybe they poison each other for real.

  5. Scritch says:

    I feel the same way about Madame butterfly, in fact more so. that is a really idiotic annoying storyline

  6. prenin says:

    I will never forget the women I came to love and lost.

    I did not love them each in the same way, but it was love all the same… :)

    God Bless!


  7. RFL says:

    At first glance, I read Ben’s last line to Sue as, “You ate a whore,” and couldn’t stop laughing. Great post as usual!

  8. Byron says:

    Love sure costs a whole lot, these days. It wasn’t long ago when we got super drunk and I talked about how great love is. Now? Well, it’s still great and all, but I mean…damn; it sure is expensive. Money, mind, and soul. The older you get, the wiser you better make your choices on who you’re with, is all I’m saying.

    • UndercoverL says:

      Like someone once said on a trashy reality show I watch (‘Big, Rich Texas’), “If you’re not in a relationship to have kids, why go get married?” Yep.

  9. You are inspiring me. I am currently writing a story about a woman’s love/hate relationship with being in love. Well, there’s a whole lot of interesting hating in the story which worried me because I didnt want to turn the reader off. But, maybe there is something there in conflict. Blah blah, anyhow, I will have to send some of my own hair to my ex via UPS.

  10. The Ben and Sue cartoon is frickin’ marvelous. The video wouldn’t load for me, but, then again, my internet has been weird. I feel like a voyeur when I read people’s “tweets”, but I guess they’re there for the reading, same as your blog. Anyway, I take it you’re serious about the greatness of 4 NonBlondes and Crash Test Dummies? Because there are a lot of haters around, especiallyin regard to the 4 NonBlondes song, though I liked it a lot.

  11. Remo says:

    Loved the pot plants….unfortunately all too many are in the pot on their own!!! Keep th stories going.

  12. chrisknox155 says:

    Reblogged this on Great blogs.

  13. UndercoverL says:

    Hi Posky, it’s nice to be back to WP and reading your wit. I have to chime in that if I sent all the hair I lost since my divorce to my ex, his new wife could probably knit him a sweater. That is the kind of thing I’d pay to see.

  14. avamaura says:

    1. Truth, bro. Truth. A considerable amount of my rationale for staying single is because I attract emotionally stunted neanderthals that make for great material. Also why I should quit my day job and just drink, date, and write.
    2. A dog was totally barking outside of my window as I watched this (still is) AND a plane flew by.
    3. The plant cartoon warmed the cockles of my heart.
    You’re my favorite.

    • Posky says:

      Drinking, dating and writing sounds like a dream job… Did you ever notice how there are a lot of movies about people with that exact job? They’re always driving out to the country to their beach mansion to write but they can’t stop falling in love with the locals. Even when they are working in the city, they’re always stopping for coffee with a friend or getting sidetracked on some romantic adventure before returning to their giant manhattan apartment to finish their next piece.

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