The Month America’s East Coast Gently Tried to Tear Itself Apart and Failed

I don’t want the current crisis involving the hurricane to overshadow the earthquake that occurred in Virginia last week.  Please don’t forget the tragedy and damage that those poor people still have to face during the cleanup process.  Those misaligned picture frames aren’t going to straighten themselves.  And, while you watched day five of the twenty-four hour news coverage of a rotating storm of pure hatred, there were eight million people in Virginia mentally replaying that terrible day they all got the rest of the day off from work.

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10 Responses to The Month America’s East Coast Gently Tried to Tear Itself Apart and Failed

  1. Spectra says:

    So true. So very, sadly true.

    My sisters second home is located directly in the epicenter of this ruthless earthquake…OH! The HUMANITY! It rearranged some nick-nacks on the credenza in her living room and she literally spent seconds setting them back into their proper order.


  2. Hey, some people weren’t sent home and had to work the whole rest of the day, regardless of the deep psychological damage they’d just received.

    It was truly tragic.

  3. peculiarpotato says:

    Never forget!never ever forget! Freeeeeeeeeeeeedom!wait, what am I supposed to never forget? I forgot…..P.P.

  4. Those lucky Virginians–the only time the ground has shaken for me was when an ex walked by me.

  5. Those of us in Miami and the Caribbean know the nightmare of these things. If it’s not the damage even those of us that get hit fairly lightly have no power 10 days. Think about it. No gasoline, no ATM’s, no ice for vodka and since school is closed Miami has a half million kids out there looting.

  6. nrhatch says:

    Posky, I had no choice but to share this on my FB wall.

    That poor, poor clown. What did he do to deserve such an earth-shaking cat-ass-trophy?

  7. zookyshirts says:

    Never forget! I’m with you! We had an earthquake that Californians laughed at! We need to own that!

  8. If you watched the weather channel during the height of this Irene business, you would’ve seen something analogous to the nerd in high school who, with gusto and newly puffed up pride, pounces on his moment to shine. The amount of fear-mongering was pathetic.

    I’ll never forget what happened in Virginia, sir. Never.

    …there was an earthquake in Virginia?

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