Updates and Interview: Diving Into the Shallows

You Monsters Are People is starting to spin wildly out of control. The number of subscribers continues to climb and I have also acquired a decent number of routine lurkers. It seems as if I should offer more than an occasional societal analysis or humorous anecdote. As of today, you can now find (and like) You Monsters Are People on Facebook.

As the main website (YouMonstersArePeople.com) evolves behind the scenes, I have been thinking about offering audio files of someone reading some of my more popular articles upon it’s completion. That way you can enjoy them at work without losing a moments productivity or listen to them while you sleep in the hopes of achieving some weird form of higher consciousness. I have also been considering doing podcasts with some of the random characters I’ve met in my travels and seeing if it gets strange enough to be worth listening to. I’m basically just hoping for thirty minutes of discourse and, perhaps, a brief interview with some of these people. If anyone has an opinion on that, who has not already emailed me about every day for the last two weeks, I would be interested in hearing it. I’m curious as to what, if anything, people would like to see added.

Speaking of interviews, I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Alison Hayter recently. She has since posted the entire thing on her website, Ginger Judges You. I would suggest giving her blog, at least, a serious once over. I regularly check in myself and especially enjoyed her entry on hipsters.

Being interviewed was a pleasure and, hopefully, her hard hitting questions might offer some additional insight into my mental state and why I write about the things that I do– or maybe not. But if you would like to read the rather in-depth interview, it is entitled Who’s That Blogger. Hopefully she has me come off in a positive light because, I have been told, Hayters gonna Hayte.

Here is a preview:

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18 Responses to Updates and Interview: Diving Into the Shallows

  1. lauriejlong says:

    Can we look forward to a podcast with Cat Liver? (That was supposed to say ‘Lover’ but the typo is awesome.)

  2. Byron says:

    Proud of you, Matt! Inspiring.

  3. I think casting for Cat Lover should begin immediately!

  4. prenin says:

    Long may your success continue my friend! :)

    God Bless!


  5. gingerjudgesyou says:

    Hayters are gonna hayte! Why do you think it’s called Ginger Judges You!!! ;)

  6. Inspiring and funny

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