Halloween: Dream Analysis


Pfft. I’m not even sure that’s a thing.

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22 Responses to Halloween: Dream Analysis

  1. Meka says:

    :) These always make me smile

  2. deaniedaisyxoxo says:

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  3. H. Stern says:

    I find that scary, too. Maybe I just find psychotically happy smiles scary? Maybe you’re afraid of dental work?

  4. prenin says:

    Maybe you have a Cheshire Cat phobia??? :)

    God Bless!


  5. Calling Dr. Freud.
    [Off topic.] Did you enjoy Banksy’s residency?

    • All of my friends got really excited about it. I genuinely enjoyed a lot of what what placed up but I think it got a little out of hand across the board.

      • It was a bit of a sensation but I loved it. Of course, I wish I had bought one of his pieces he sold for $60 I’m Central Park. Where was I?!?!

      • I saw those pieces and they were literally identical to everything else in the park that you see. It was a really good commentary on what defines good art.

      • It wasn’t so much a commentary in what defines good art as much as it was a commentary on what defines marketable art. On my lunch hour today, I went to Christies to view the works being auctioned this Thursday, some for tens of millions of $$$. What’s the diff between the stuff on the sidewalk and the stuff in Christies with security guards standing in front of it? Not so much, aesthetically. You should go see that stuff. It’s like a free really intense art exhibit.

  6. Soul Walker says:

    Smiles can be terrifying… so my childhood tells me.

  7. Maybe you have a fear of dentists.

    • My dentist was an advocate of filling cavities that may not have even existed. He also pulled out all four of my wisdom teeth while I was conscious. I thought, at the time, it was preferable to going under and having surgery. He put his knee into my chest and wrangled every one out. The popping sounds happening inside of my skull were pretty unforgettable.

      He had beautiful daughters.

  8. Happiness IS a scary thing though.

  9. pleazna says:

    Whoa. That actually sent shivers down my spine.
    I’m going to make more coffee and ignore the possible implications, thanks.

  10. Taara Sou says:

    Surprisingly creepy!

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