Carnal Transmissions with Unlimited Nights and Weekends

Today someone at work got a text message, checked their phone and became alarmed enough to hide it from me while also apologizing. While I did not see the text, I imagined the worst and most heinously graphic photograph of a lover that I could. The result caused my face to turn into something that gave the false impression that I was about to sneeze for a full minute.

I hear a lot about “sexting” in the news and I don’t really see the problem.  People have just found another way to enjoy and hurt each other through technology.  The news should mind its own business and get back to covering royal weddings, everyone getting irradiated, drive-by shootings and pet fashion shows.

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25 Responses to Carnal Transmissions with Unlimited Nights and Weekends

  1. the face about to sneeze for a full minute was quite cute, considering that u’d b that last person i’d think would get embarrassed by something lk this.

    • Posky says:

      You’re right. I’m not easily embarrassed, rattled or stirred.

      I think I was just getting temporarily lost in the weird crevasses of my mind.

  2. Hmmm. This comic is like one of those suspenseful ending, e.g. that spinning top at the end of Inception. Did the person choose Yes or No?…


  3. Is it still “sexting” if the person is not , by any stretch of the imagination, sexy?

  4. The Single Girl says:

    Haha, love the idea of sexting…wonder what was in that text…

  5. Byron Mosley says:

    I’m pretty sure if the Founding Fathers could see us in America with our sexting they would be high-fiving.

  6. ian says:

    ” People have just found another way to enjoy and hurt each other through technology.”
    very true.

  7. belle says:

    While I am familiar with the act, I have never heard the term ‘sexting’. I like it. I think I might try to use it in a sentence today!

  8. It strikes me how completely unsexy some sexting truly is … or at least, how unsexy it can be to receive a request for sexting, which will probably henceforth be called a resextquest. Or a sextrequest. Or a questsextext. Or something like that.

    I have a “friend” (air quotes intended) who constantly asks for pix. Of whatever. So I send him pictures of cantaloupes with faces, or pix of the back of my hand, or a close-up of my pupil. Hot, right?

    I mean, really: During my workday, I’m just supposed to pull out the iPhone and start snapping pix? Where exactly? The BATHROOM?

    Seriously sexy… ;)

    • Posky says:

      The bathroom is just a room. Remember that.

      I’m sorry I’ve been asking you so frequently for photos of you.

  9. James Taylor says:

    I sext my girl all the time.

  10. the master says:

    Nothing wrong with sexting somebody. Nothing at all. It’s when you start sexting yourself that it gets a bit weird. Trust me on this.

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  12. lauriejlong says:

    I clicked ‘Yes’ but nothing happened….!! I want to know!

  13. Bevins is the most devious of all the creatures. He’s easily the best character of all time.

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