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A Great Way To Spend a Saturday

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Air Conditioning Doesn’t Build Character

I have been carrying around a sweater with me all summer because this country has an egregious and unhealthy obsession with air conditioning. Air conditioning doesn’t build character or make you a more interesting person. It just encourages you, an … Continue reading

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Having A Live-In Dominatrix Was Electrifyingly Dull

I used to live with a dominatrix. Obviously that comes with certain compromises and perks that other living arrangements might not have. I was in the middle of my college career and had been dating her best friend for several … Continue reading

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How To Kill The President

Recently a friend of mine sent me one of those shortened website URLs that brings it down to a few characters of gibberish. The purpose being that it looks marginally better than the mile-long web address it normally takes you … Continue reading

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Societal Responsibility in a World Teeming With Children

At some point in your life you will either find yourself among the breeding masses, having brought a child into the cruel indifferent universe, or trapped on the outside of that realm as a broodless pariah. Either way, you will … Continue reading

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When To Hug Someone: Life’s Greatest Mystery

Knowing when to hug someone is a question that has plagued humanity since its very inception. Confounded cave-people deduced how to trap and eat their monkey brethren right away but would have to wait thousands of years before even the … Continue reading

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After the Hurricane Everyone Was a Better Person (For Two Days)

I couldn’t help but notice how happy everyone in New York was after the hurricane was over. Despite the massive scale of the destruction, people seemed genuinely enthralled just to have made it through and see that others had done … Continue reading

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A Duck Walks Into a Bar

An adept and self-confident person is incapable of being consumed by jealousy. Jealousy is simply a symptom of neurotic insecurity. That said, some ducks mate for life and are willing to take care of business. For more of Mr. Bevins … Continue reading

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Carnal Transmissions with Unlimited Nights and Weekends

Today someone at work got a text message, checked their phone and became alarmed enough to hide it from me while also apologizing. While I did not see the text, I imagined the worst and most heinously graphic photograph of … Continue reading

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An Imperfect World

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