Achieving Social Repose: Letting Others Have a Gay Old Time

Some people claim that gay sex is an abomination and often equate it with bestiality. But that doesn’t really seem fair, because when you look lustfully into the eyes of a dog it can’t whisper “take me” into your ear or thank you for bringing it to Red Lobster and paying for its shrimp scampi. Still, everyone has the right to be completely grossed out by homosexuality, if they want to, but nobody should ever have the right to infringe upon another person’s lifestyle. The planet feels like it’s getting smaller everyday and we’re all going to need to either commit to some sort of twisted murder lottery that thins out the population dramatically or just stop stepping on each other’s toes while occasionally trying to put ourselves in those same trampled upon shoes.

Celebrating being gay doesn’t necessarily need to entail waving your bedazzled junk around in a parade like your guiding taxiing airplanes on a runway. While I personally support and enjoy every ounce of crazy pageantry that goes into a gay pride parade, I can see why some people might be opposed to a man wearing a windsock and ass-less chaps in public. Not everyone is comfortable with the general idea of sex, let alone a type of sex that is entirely foreign to them. With all that beefcake on display, who knows what intense thoughts people are trying to suppress?

Despite how visually awesome and vibrant it all is, nobody in the pride parade really needs to be baring it all in Technicolor nudity. That’s just icing on the pride cake but not everyone likes a lot of icing. So we need to be open to the idea of people being uncomfortable when presented with such concentrated gayness but still supporting their right to exist. That’s the good news. Supporting gay rights doesn’t mean suddenly supporting the gay community in everything that it does.

You, as an individual, are entitled to make up your own mind and support someone else even if you don’t identify with them. In New York, this is the gayest week of them all (Pride Week) and, whether you support or oppose the homosexual lifestyle or LGBT community, I think we can all agree not to be raving lunatics on the subject. Nobody wants your hot breath and spit on them while you shout your opinions into their face. Whatever your take on it is, give it to the world calmly and start a dialogue rather than an argument. There is no need to get all frantic because, whether you want it to or not, gay sex is happening. It’s happening like crazy and the people involved are loving every filthy second of it.

If you are a person who doesn’t believe that love in the LGBT community is authentic I have brief anecdote for you. I once saw a man at a burger joint who could only be described as the frumpy offspring of Mr. Clean and Mr. Bean. Now I’m not saying this because I believe that two fictional male characters could produce offspring, although that would be awesome. I’m saying this because this gentleman was clearly hideous yet still appeared to have an adoring boyfriend. They clearly loved each other because, going strictly by all physical standards of beauty that are currently in existence, lust was probably not an option.

Listen, it’s just easier to get through your day without hating people. If, for whatever reason, you feel that homosexuality, bisexuality or transgender life is truly awful and still read this far into the post, I can promise you that your own life will be richer if you stop worrying about it and just try to be cool with everyone. You don’t have to go out and befriend anyone you don’t want to, you don’t have to suddenly become an LGBT ally and you certainly don’t have to change your own lifestyle. You don’t even have to change your opinion on homosexuality being a choice or not, because none of this gay stuff has anything to do with your life, this is about other people. You’re not in danger, your children aren’t in danger and your personal faith isn’t in danger. You don’t have to be scared or angry about this. There are a lot of other better things to be upset about, here is a short list:

-That stupid hat you wear all the time that you think looks good
-Not dealing with your own problems
-Violent crime
-That annoying buzzing sound the refrigerator keeps making
-Drug addicted babies
-That TV show you liked that got cancelled

Life is a struggle for all of us and the absolute least we can do is attempt to make it a little more bearable for each other. Do yourself a service and take in the world as you see it, not as someone else has taught you to. I am betting that, after a little practice, you’ll not only see things differently but more completely too. Give a person the opportunity to let you down instead of condemning a whole group.

Get weird. Get free. Get going.

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26 Responses to Achieving Social Repose: Letting Others Have a Gay Old Time

  1. gingerjudgesyou says:

    I personally have no problem with gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, in the closet, out of the closet… I embrace them all but I do find that a parade to celebrate your sexuality, when in fact the very thing they are fighting for is for their sexuality to not be an issue is a bit hypocritical and I don’t really appreciate assless chaps as I should I guess. Live and let live, no need to parade anything in anyone’s faces, as it were (that goes for both sides).

  2. Australia is having a big debate about same sex marriage at the moment and the majority of Christian groups out here are focusing their arguments on the old marriage=procreation one – so apparently if you are infertile you shouldn’t be getting married either; the heterosexual elderly are to live in sin and be damned by their depravity and gay couples who love each other and their children are less deserving of societies approval than the wife basher in the house next door whose kids are traumatised, – Great post Posky, people should be debating the issue more because that’s when the hypocrisy is most transparent. Don’t even get me started on forced arranged marriages……………

    • Posky says:

      We need to actually talk about these things instead of just yelling simple slogans at each other.

      Forced arranged marriages? I say go for it, I have time to read.

  3. Byron says:

    “Nothing matters; Anything Goes” is a great lesson I learned from my friend Jim.

  4. clownonfire says:

    Funny Posky,
    Well said. And I’m going to pretend the first drawing was based on Le Clown’s magnificence.
    Le Clown

  5. baconbiscuit212 says:

    Great post! You made me laugh out loud and nod my head emphatically at the same time. I completely agree that there are far more things for people to be upset about than what any couple — gay or straight or otherwise — do in their private lives.

    As for parades, what about Hell’s Angels Motorcyle-cades? So loud, obnoxious, and they set off every car alarm down the Avenue! Where are the people protesting them?

    And on the subject of windsocks and ass-less chaps, I only wish that the usual wearers were the kind of people who could pull off windsocks and ass-less chaps. Sigh. Sadly, very few people on this Earth can. I don’t even think Clooney could.

    • Posky says:

      I could pull it off.

      Yeah, even as a motorcyclist, I’m not too keen on the big motorcycle rallies. There’s the fake tough guy image that is legitimate for some and phony for the rest, the weird need for a lot of inexperienced riders to show off and, of course, the noise. I firmly believe that being able to hear someone makes them easier to notice on the road but I don’t believe that people get loud exhausts for safety. They get them because they are loud, otherwise they wouldn’t rev up their motorcycle at stoplights.

      I had a big old loud Harley Davidson when I started riding, so I get how satisfying all that pomp and noise can be. However, when I got something a little faster and a lot less noisy, a large percent of the cruiser community turned on me. That’s when I learned it’s all about the style and the noise to those people

      I think there is a South Park episode called the F-Word that you’ll really like.

  6. Most excellent post. Thank you! I hope a lot of people read it and let it stew, sink in and then internalize it.

    I really hope so…

  7. Reblogged this on Summer Solstice Musings and commented:
    “Listen, it’s just easier to get through your day without hating people.”

    Truly, words to live by. Sure this post is about homosexuality. And I really wish people got over it and just accept it. But homosexuality is not the only kind of hating. People hate people that are different, or younger, or think differently. And that’s just sad

  8. seventhvoice says:

    Great post… Do you mind if I quote the last two paragraphs of this post on my blog?

  9. prenin says:

    Given I have had many gay friends over the years, the only one that has aggressively tried to get in my pants is Doug who is nobodies oil painting!

    My niece is gay too, but she’s a lovely person and I love her to death! :)

    Everyone has a right to be different and it’s the haters who have the problem…

    God Bless my friend! :)


  10. Fred says:

    The LGBT community up in Canada fortunately is treated a bit better than in many pockets of the United States but homophobia is still a problem up here. When people say “Oh, that’s so gay”, it bothers me now. Even if it’s not referring to homosexuals and to some mundane thing it still has that little air of homophobia to it. A kind of unintentional byproduct in conversation that I think should be avoided because it’s the right thing to do.

    Although, suggesting that we shouldn’t condemn whole groups is dangerous, even immoral in some cases. I can think of groups of people who are worthy of disdain. The Vatican, Westboro Baptist Church, the entire suicide bombing community, the British Monarchy – and those are just the extreme examples of groups whose actions and even existence are consistently bad for society as a whole, even evil. There’s always room for hate when it’s pointed in the right direction and sometimes it’s necessary for survival and human solidarity. I think your point, however, was more in regards to the individual as part of a group where that individual’s life has no bearing on yours and in that context I would agree.

    Good post.

    • Posky says:

      I still think that hating any group, no matter how vile or selfish it might be, can be managed into something less intense. Pure hatred should be reserved for the individuals that have proven themselves unworthy of anything else. I personally can’t hate a group because I don’t know all the people in it.

      All I can do is disagree with their ideals and hope to have an open and honest dialogue with a member in the hopes that I might change their mind.

      Good comment. I like the honest and thoughtful ones most.

      • Fred says:

        I think I should clarify…I don’t mean hating for the sake of the disdain itself, but in a way that’s standing up for what’s right and condemning said bad people. It’s a touchy thing, too, because it can go too far but if there’s an end purpose (i.e. putting a stop to suicide bombers) then it’s well worth the outrage.

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  12. chimidongha says:

    Absolutely LOVED this post. I couldn’t agree with you more :)

  13. This was really awsome. I realy like the list. i live in a small town where being gay is NOT exceptable. we have exactly one out kid in our whole town. I think LGBT people are amazing and i don’t judge. i think every single person in my town needs to read this blog post. it’s really amazing and makes u think in a funny yet effective way. kudos to you! keep up the good work!

  14. drawandshoot says:

    Well said and well written as always, Posky.

  15. I don’t wish to trivialize anything in your post, but “that annoying buzzing sound the refrigerator keeps making” has really been pissing me off lately. When will we finally get silent refrigerators? Is it but a dream?

    • Posky says:

      No, by all means, trivialize away.

      I’m pretty sure refrigerators buzz at a frequency that keeps us docile and free of aspirations. It’s by design.

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