Religious Apathy: Putting My Faith In Faithlessness

This week I am guest posting on A Clown On Fire as part of A Five Day Conversation on God. I talk on my personal experience with religion and feelings about faith. Here’s a taste:

More often than not, parents try to impose their own thoughts and practices upon their children. If they say you’re going to be a Mormon snake farmer, chances are you’ll be spending your afternoons reading the Pearl of Great Price and sucking the venom from your bites after a stint in the cobra fields. Children are rarely afforded the luxury to make up their own minds on who they are going to be. This is partially because parents expect certain things from children but also because children are very stupid. The kicker is that, often times, it turns out that the adult is stupid too.

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7 Responses to Religious Apathy: Putting My Faith In Faithlessness

  1. prenin says:

    Good one! :)

    I get into trouble plenty of times with religious jokes, but then God DID give me a sense of humour!!! :)

    Have a great week my friend – and, no, you’re NOT going to Hell as long as I’m driving the bus!!! ;)

    God Bless!


  2. I love this comic. I know someone just like this…
    I like to shock them with jokes about religion… and they always tell me that they are going to pray for me.

  3. pkmiguel says:

    Religious jokes are either interestingly funny or senseless-ly lame. Former’s for those that respect religion yet do not border on crazy beliefs; latter’s for those who don’t know a thing about the religion being joked about.

    So where do we put hardened religious? Nowhere, they’ll never joke about it. I pray for their humor.

  4. K. Fox says:

    I love your blog, but this joke just wasn’t as funny. When you poke fun at something, you should at least spell the poor man’s name correctly.
    It’s “Moses” not “mosses”.
    “Mosses” is just the plural of “moss”.
    Now if you are really talking about a bunch of moss making beer, the joke doesn’t make much sense, but hey, artistic license.

  5. Just saw the Book of Mormon tonight, so this was a good read to end the day. :)

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