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My New Mom Is A Computer

Like many of you, I was born of a human mother made of soft pink flesh and electric impulses wrapped up in skin and topped with hair. She was a kindly woman and my father loved her dearly for all … Continue reading

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Snowed In

I am currently sitting out a blizzard in my home state of Michigan. Everyone in it went shopping for the same thing yesterday. Now all the only thing left on the shelves is fear and hopelessness.

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Clifford: The Large Crimson Canine

I told this to one of my nephews after reading part of the book to him. We didn’t finish it because he got really into pretending to crash toy cars off the coffee table and onto the carpet. Each time … Continue reading

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The Guest List At My Funeral

I’m going to make a guest list for my funeral, that way people I don’t want to show up can’t waltz in and pretend to have been my friend or some long lost family member.  Normally, I don’t believe in the the … Continue reading

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Ghost Dogs and the New American Job Market

When we were all young, everyone kept telling us that we could be whatever we wanted when we grew up. After all, we lived in America and that was the one place in the whole world where you could achieve … Continue reading

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Reverie in Action: Failed Attempts at Running Away

When I was just about three I told my mother that I was running away.  I cannot clearly recall what had transpired to incite the notion that, having just gotten all of my teeth, my parents were just holding me … Continue reading

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Improving the Holidays, Saturnalia and Celebrating Paternal Castration

I should probably preface this by stating that I grew up as a fairly “typical” American, assuming there is such a thing.  I spent my childhood making snowmen, using a carrot and walnuts to make genitalia in the hopes that … Continue reading

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Dog Faces and the Long Process of Dotage

People seem to think that getting old happens overnight but aging is a long arduous process.  You don’t suddenly wake up one morning with this uncontrollable desire to start dolling out hard candies like some sort of juicy mouthed, high … Continue reading

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