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Bedwetting, Twins, and Other Real-Life Terrors from Childhood

I was a bed wetter. It was so bad that my parents refused to give me fluids after late afternoon. Sometimes I would get really thirsty and they’d flat out refuse to serve me, so I would sneak into the … Continue reading

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Pedophilia: Not Always Funny

Like a lot of children, I went to church at the behest of my mother. I spent the majority of my time there pretending that I was a robot or a detective (or a robot-detective) and wandering into places I … Continue reading

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The Rat-Tail: A Fond Look Back

I do not know if there even is a country where the rat-tail hairstyle doesn’t exist but if you were born there, I cannot trust your understanding of the world as accurate. Seeing the haircut changes a person for the … Continue reading

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Grim Ruminant Mammals and Lawn Care

Like many American fathers, mine always took a special pride in the appearance of his yard.  Quite a few dads measure a large portion of their worth by the quality of their lawn.  Because of my father, I could probably … Continue reading

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