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Smoking: Still Totally Cool

I used to love smoking. For years smoking allowed me to take longer and more frequent breaks at work, was a good excuse to get off my ass and go outside, and frequently allowed me an opportunity to start up … Continue reading

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These 15 Photos Of Cosplayers Revealing That They Aren’t Unemployed Virgins Or Child Molesters “Might Blow Your Mind”

A popular internet content aggregator asked some of the “best cosplayers of New York Comic Con” to reveal what they did with their days and none of them confessed to jerking off to anime and steampunk all day or spending … Continue reading

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Life Is Meaningless… Unless It Includes A Free Hat Giveaway

Are you a fan of You Monsters Are People but still feel like a worthless human being because you’ve never done anything to support it? Have you wanted to help out but just aren’t an altruistic enough person? Do you … Continue reading

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A Half-Hearted Attempt at a Political Cartoon

I may have taken a slight detour with the political aspect of this terrible, yet powerfully earnest, drawing. Any subtext here is purely coincidental and anything you might read into was probably a total accident on my part. Someone once … Continue reading

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The Detestable Semblance: Faking a Persona You Can Live With

I was on a walk to the pharmacy to pick up some cold medicine and I saw two women breast feeding in the rain and one cat. The cat wasn’t breast feeding and really isn’t relevant to the story, but … Continue reading

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Imbibing The Experience And Not Just The Alcohol

The problem with drinking is that the better of an idea it seems to be, the less likely that is probably the case. I have spent roughly a decade partying responsibly but, lately, drinking hasn’t been quite as much fun … Continue reading

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The Rat-Tail: A Fond Look Back

I do not know if there even is a country where the rat-tail hairstyle doesn’t exist but if you were born there, I cannot trust your understanding of the world as accurate. Seeing the haircut changes a person for the … Continue reading

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